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Soulsalaam, Playground, Scott Edmonds


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Live from San Francisco!


  1. more 2Step/tight shuffle beatz, yeah 🙂



  2. Ayy, some lovely funky stuff crops up @ about 2:13 mark! Headnodding going on right here 🙂

  3. sup kats from all over….yeah this was definately a live ass couple sets. I play in Playground and was just glad to be a part of it. We would hope that it might inspire some people in some way to do something that means something…. peace yall— keep the plant on that ish!!!!



  4. out of my seat by the 19:45 mark

  5. soulsalaam, great styles! nice 2 warm up 4 a hot night out.

  6. tighten up those mixes.

  7. Liking the drum and the bass. soulsalaam lays down some tunes with a uk flavor, nice one.

  8. Hear what you are saying drewlife. Bit harsh though. Listen to a jeff mills set, arguably the best dj in the world. He makes mistakes too. oK, SO HES mixing 3 records plus programing a drum machine or playing a keyboard. But hey, i liked this mix. by soulsalaam. I thought playground were rubish. Get a load of programable gagits in a studio and call it electronica. Doesn’t make it good music.

  9. best nostalgia :))
    i like it

    shalom from israel

  10. scotte’s at it again! don’t sleep on him…a real dj’s dj. the reason i al ways enjoy listening to dude is that it’s never just track after track…he starts out w/ a hype dance beat & then builds his own vibe with tracks from any style…electro, d&b, house, booty rock, old school…the versatility is fresh…the mixes come from unexpected angles…like listening to the equation of a sexy curves, definitely a higher math going on.

  11. here inTucson shakin my ass to the beats. Betalounge is on top….

  12. Does anyone know the track starting ~ 00:26:50???

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