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Kenneth Christiansen & Tanja Sonnenfeld


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  1. This one surprised me… I didn’t think much of it at first and then it grabbed me and kept surprising me the entire time. Very good set. Got me dancing in my office. I wish I was there that night.

  2. I was not at the show, but both Kenneth A.K.A. Ned Flanders and DJ Tanja shows what they are made of, just like when they spin the turntables here in copenhagen. But why does the sound disapear in right channel sometimes 🙁

  3. not so famous, this is good, but be sure also to check out the gorgeous previous mix from Kenneth… possibly one of the best on betalounge from the 1st minute to the last (3hours later)

  4. fine like a good wine

  5. If you like it as deep as the ocean check this out. I wish this guys would come and play in England!!!

  6. Hervorragender Mix, ich hatte echte Probleme mich in den 3 Stunden des Sets auf andere Sachen zu konzentrieren. Schöne Sache…dj fuego

  7. 4 on de flör von edelster fassöng. zum an die wand hÀngen

  8. Yeah a great set, two of the best danish dj’s, no doubt.

  9. ……….delicious…….

  10. the track that starts at about 2:02 (smooth male vocal track) who is it?

  11. This has the kind of dripping, sweaty submersible tribal quality of gus gus’s housier stylings ala Gus Gus vs. Tworld. Sounds like I imagine Iceland feels if that makes any sense. One gets the sensation of looking out on a vast tundral landscape, snow whirling around massive drifts, while inside a massive ballroom people stay warm by listening and dancing to this super deep and sparse microhouse. Great job, Ken and Tanja.

  12. Great mix
    If you like this be sure to check the 12-07-02 show by Kenneth, I actually prefer it…

  13. UnscaredBill: The track is Richard Davis – Bring me closer on 240 volts

  14. this is a very nice set … when i hear it in the garden under the sun ….. i’am still floating …

    can anybody please tell me what song it is: it starts @ around 2.59 …..

  15. Compliments to you both!!! You did a fantastic job!!! Incredible poodle!!!

    greetz from cold cold germany !!!


  16. The track orround 2.56 whats that?

  17. I gotta say….fabulous. tha BAYtalounge does it again

  18. Ooooooo….
    I’ve heard it before, but anyone know the track at 1 hr 41?

    Heavy and deep…. damn.

  19. s3campbe : the track your asking for is Ricardo Villalobos Title: Dexter Label:Playhouse

  20. This time, I could not fit back into my shoes afterwards, so swollen were they from frenetic dancing around in my tiny office. Suggest red wine with this mix…helps balance things out.

    Good links too!

  21. Just found this. Making my workday cruise by – thanks!

  22. what a great pic of holy sunshine
    nice funkydeep stones are rollin around both sides between darkness and wonder
    thats what i missed on solutions
    thanx that pic it up

  23. lovable and deep vibes. full of meaning and inspiration. my friend vibed on his inovation, tried to match your beats with his. cool studying together with your music melodies.

    hope we can work together in the future on a track, or at least learn from each others hearts, the essence of each others path’s with music creativiy connection.

    peace and vibe.


  24. For a long time i didn’t listen to this set. Yesterday i listen to it again and again and it amazed me from new.

    what ist that track around min. 45 ??? smooth beats with vocals from a man ???

    after that track follows westbam feat. nena – oldschool baby (piano-mix)

    i would die for this song … can anybody please please help me…

    and i am still looking for the track i already asked for in 2004…
    fabim :: Jul 8, 2004 :: 5:12 AM

    this is a very nice set … when i hear it in the garden under the sun ….. i’am still floating …

    can anybody please tell me what song it is: it starts @ around 2.59 …..

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