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Rainer Trüby [compost records]


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Compost Records

Rainer Trüby


  1. A tight set as always from Rainer. downtempo soul at first to get things warmed up. Then house gets things moving. after house he gets a little disco-e but at 1hr and 40 mins into it he hits you with a barrage of choice cuts, many of which became house anthems of the miami winter music conference 04

  2. Rainer Truby proves once again that he is very much the man! A classic collection of Truby tracks as good and better than as all his previous sets on The Betalounge, as far back as Jan 2000. (Let’s have a track listing?!) Rainer – come play for us at The Big Chill in the UK… please! 🙂

  3. track listing please

  4. Nice groove, really dancy. How to get a CD of the session ?

  5. Um dos melhores sets da história do Beta Lounge. Lindo, lindo…Rainer Truby mostra que representa também na seleção como DJ além de suas produções…ótimo gosto e boa performance fazem deste um set excelente.

  6. What you do is download a program called total recorder and record it in real time to Wav file. Then you make a cd. They don’t sound that bad being real audio.

  7. anyone know what the song that starts at about minute 18 is? cheers

  8. Nice build-up…many styles…good tracks…but still, he could work on his mixing-skills when oh when is he gonna come to belgium ??? Keep fighting for good music !!!

  9. Excellent summation of where it’s at right now from one of the men best placed to do so. Lots of broken/housey/rnb ‘hits’, really well programmed. I know it’d be out of character for betalounge, but a tracklist for this one would be really handy. Other than that – nice one.

  10. Great write-up timbo. i could not have said it better myslef. Not that living on the west coast of Canada easily affords one to be in the center of the donwtempo/broken beat scene, but this set by Rainer Truby is just outta hand. lovin tha music lovin the betalounge peaceinthemiddleeast..please c

  11. wow strack that comes in at 1:28 hour defines most adjectives. thanks again c

  12. Superb galloping jazz baseline at 1.03… LONG LIVE BETALOUNGE!

  13. Great tunes, great buildup and some classic vocal house at 1:30! And I just got a flyer saying that Rainer Truby is playing at Groove Sanctuary, Madame Jo-Jo’s, London on Saturday 19th June. Can’t wait…

  14. among the tracks i do recognize are: FLOETRY say yes, CLASS ACTION weekend, JAZZANOVA let your heart be free, SOUL II SOUL fair play. would be delighted by other user’s additional insights… thanks, adson

  15. hello Mr trüby i am living in strasbourg and i’d like to know when and where is you’re next show in freiburg. No one around me could explain me where and when it is…

  16. hi srigouste, rainer’s rootdown club happens every last sat of a month at an incredible place named waldsee. comin up next is rainer feat. raw deal on 29th of may, check the waldsee homepage for further dates and info:

  17. Hey Proflex, thanks for the words. The track at 1.28 is Swell Session’s remix of ‘Everywhere’ by Fat Jon on Exceptional Records. Don’t know what the disco belter is after it at around 1.30 but it’s baaaaaad! Synths sound a lot like Metro Area … Rainer’s playing here in Melbourne this weekend so will get back to you on the off-chance he plays it again 😉

  18. okay … for Asifbymagic, the galloping jazz bassline at 1.03 is ‘Thinking About’ by Bakura (Domu), then Jazzanova’s cover of Patrice Rushen’s ‘Let your heart be free’ (both these tracks are on their new mix comp btw), Floetry – ‘Say Yes’, Shades of Soul – ‘give in to me’ then – anybody? … before swell session/fat jon around 1.26. i’m going back to spotting trains now.

  19. Timbo your tha man…how do you so much about all these tracks. From Melbourne eh???spent three months livin in St Kilda back in the day….98 to be exact. sweet place…keep it real. chris

  20. jogo agradável do amor da música… i ele. obrigado rainer

  21. Yo Timbo…Jazzanova @ Voda Lounge in Van-city Thursday, July 15th…try and make it b!

  22. That had to be one of the most mind-blowing sets. Absolutely loved it!!!!!!!!

  23. Dawi, get yourself down to the ten days off festival for a rinse and a half rainer may not be playing but the sonar kollectiv (jazzanova amongst others) will be playing this saturday 24th July alongside bugz in the attic – it’ll be phat

  24. I’m crying. Literally. Real f___ing tears are coming down.

  25. Timbo, that tune is an old Larry Levan remix of ‘weekend’ by Class Action.

  26. Excellent! Music to make you happy again.

  27. Supa! A really great mix. Does anyone know the name of the track that starts at 1.42?

  28. I’m dying to know the very first song. Anyone know it?

  29. I concur – what is the firs track? Excellent neo0soul groove. I’d buy it today if I knew who it was. Peace to you all p.s. I apologize for the President of the US….I did not vote for him nor does he represent me. (Just had to throw that out there since this is an intenational site).

  30. anyone know what the track is that comes in at about 47:50? dope dope.

  31. Dis da sheeeyat, yep. First track a mystery, but sounds like 90’s mix. Mellow soul-stone.

  32. top record selection , RESPECT!!

  33. he there i was already several times able to catch rainer live – especially remember the night at the kunsthaus graz i wanted to know from whom the track – as far as my eyes could see there are shadows approching me – somewhere at 1.28 – i really would need this infos thanx and keep standing behind the tables – you make a lot of people happy

  34. the first 3 tracks are so great – does anyone know something about them? well, actually i love the whole set … 🙂 @kettele: hi! too bad that i missed rainer trüby at the kunsthaus … lucky you 🙂 greetings from Graz GreB

  35. Hi Greb, The singer on the first track is Alice Russel. This song could be from her last album. She also worked a lot with Will Holland (a.k.a. Quantic) and now she works with TM Duke, both on the Tru Thoughts label. She also did some tracks with Dublex Inc. but this song is not from their album. The second track is from Erykah Badu. Probably from her last album Worldwide underground. I’m not sure about the third track, but I believe the singer is Vanessa Freeman. Hope this helps you out.

  36. Got it , the second track is : Herykah Badu – Back in the Day – Worldwide Underground

  37. Thanks Rupert for the tip on the first track. I’ve not heard of Alice Russel before. I still haven’t found the exact track, but that tip really helps. cheers

  38. Anyone know the two deeper electronic tracks near the beginning that start at 39:00 and 47:30 respectively? Thanks

  39. Anyone know the two deeper electronic tracks near the beginning that start at 39:00 and 47:30 respectively? Thanks

  40. Hi everybody I would like to know what is the name of the track at 2 hours 14-17 min, its a jazzy freaky housy track with a fat grooving beat. Enjoy music Santiago

  41. I submit my humblest props to Mr. Truby. Thanks for sharing Betalounge! Peace on Mother Earth to All…

  42. joder joder!! me emociona! tx beta lounge and big up to rainer trüby!

  43. Mr. Rainer Truby’s set in Stockholm on 15th of october 2005 was such a disappointment. I understand that his sets depend on with whom he plays but he should not underestimate the audience. I think he even had fun playing there to those stupid djs but I didnot have fun at all. And I paid for it. Ahh…. what a dissapointment. PS: To the Beta Lounge comunity: Would you enjoy 2 hours of tech-house???

  44. please please please what is the house killer that comes in at about 1:40:00?

  45. 1:30 Pryda – Shadows 1:40 Stevie Wonder – As If You Read My Mind

  46. Love this, got me going, like back in the day when things were cool!!!!!!

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