This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Joselito Sering, Rich Bologna, Carson Day, Millhouse, Joe Rice


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  1. dub (millhouse), live trip hop (Joselito / Rich / Carson), phat beats (Joe Rice)

  2. i lurv the track at @26m wha hah love betalounge

  3. I give it 4 nugs out of 4!!! The beta lounge could very well be the best site on the web to listen to music. Keep on rollin up good music and blow it are way. Beef cake!!!!

  4. If y’all start with Bill Withers in dub, y’all ‘CAINT go too wrong…hairy1diggin’ da dub, n’da fonk awlduh time…betalounge the baddasssest bomb goin’!

  5. One post to few on this one,

    must have saved my life this morning.



  6. These sets are absolutely beautiful. My favorite session at the time. What about creating a DVD with this session in high sound quality. The sounds kinda’ deserve that

    regards, Teis

  7. beta lounge is all about mono…..not strereo hi end….
    the beta crew have their reasons therefor;
    so dont expect 2 matsch
    take it or leave it

  8. I’ll take it, then.
    But… what is this fantastic sound at 3:34:50???

  9. super smooth set for your aural fixation.. smooth like the glide of toilet paper over your needy areas… crude yes.. but it tells you of the smoothness.. this is a 4-ply special… mmm mmm… gimme that dubby goodness and the smooth toilet paper chill… mmm mmm

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