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  1. Unique, explorative, and Progressive!

    In keeping with the Beta Lounge format the show was a unique excursion into the progressive sounds for progressive minds.

  2. AMAZING !!!

    Great set!!! Pure fun!!! Keep going… Cologne meets Berlin !!!

  3. man, the groove you hit right about the 2 hour mark gets me every time.

  4. What a diverse and colorful set… thanks guys

  5. has its ups n downs, but there is a STELLAR 45 minute run in there starting with that fierce track B4 that sacroiliac trak- totally helped me get through the work week (o:
    by the way, this is paced like house music on vicadin (thats a compliment)

  6. i come back to this mix time and time again. betalounge rocks!!! thanks for bringing us some true underground dance music from: steve in Albuquerque NM -USA

  7. sehr fein!
    Vielen Dank!!!
    us kölle

  8. What a nice start of this set, so smooth, like Mixmaster Morris. The mood of this set really made me think of germany, not sure why, must be the sound from german experminetal movies showed at the local film-club – really romantic sound. One day I wish I could check out the lists from all the sets and see what they all were playing, but it is maybe a lot of extra work I guess. Thanks Betalounge and all the people out there making it easier to keep on track with whats happening out there.

  9. This mix is a tight chill mix!!! Love the name STROBOCOP… Beta Lounge just keeps it going on!

    A loyal listener from San Diego, California U.S.

  10. sohno con anginos

  11. My friend Plexus played with strobcop in cologne in the late nineties and raves about it to this day. Now I finally know why… nice build up and ecclectic sounds.

    I can’t wait to see him at synch fest in greece this june !

  12. Nicht die besten Übergänge, aber echte geile record selection, und das macht den diesen schönen mix aus ! Leicht smooth, chillig, deep sphärisch. Letzlich anspruchsvoll.

  13. A lot of fine tracks ! Heute sinds 36 Grad…schwitz. Da kommt dieses Set gerade recht..

    Greetz aus Cologne

  14. Meself, I prefers this sort-o synchro-funk-a-wheezer thing, but only when there is cheap beer available, so me feet wobbles to beats between the lines. Keep der betas clapping!

  15. ……………….another masterpiece set from a true genius………well what else did u expect?…..

  16. klasse mix, immer wieder gern gehört.

  17. wow, das hört sich ja laut noch viel besser an!

  18. wäre ich ein vergnügungssüchtiger schweizer millionär würde ich den strobocop definitiv auf einer meiner koksorgien im leopardenfell zum tanze spielen lassen…

  19. This is one seriously fat set that got the listeners working beside me at Uni to sign up to BetaLounge, and that is always a good thing.

    Ova & Out

  20. eclectic, very smooth, interesting mix of oddites and more familiar..great build up…a definite trip from beginning to end..probably one of the best sets i’ve heard so far on betalounge!..more Strobocop please!

  21. I’ve been tunnin in for Lord know how long and your shows are just so eclectic and delisiously diverse………THANK YOU . SONIDO MAGNIFICO, DE LA MUSIQUE EXEPCIONELLE>

  22. I LOVE HOUSE MUSIC, and have been a lover of house music for my whole life. This set is one of the most exceptional, beautiful, skillful and amazing examples of sophisticated house music I have ever heard. Straight Up, if you can be patient, the payoff is more than worth the wait. Promise. PROPS to Strobocop, this dude is a master of sound manipulation!!

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