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Slim Schludy & Ekambus


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  1. discasting!

  2. This is full time quality,!!! a blissful mix of the unexpected, I love this stuff . I think the reeeeel slim schuldy should stand up and take a bow, and Ekambus as well. In fact i’m stood up clapping at just the thought of it ..

    This, the Mark Rae & 370 mix , off the bench and friend, and DMC scratch finalists are some of my betalounge all time favourites.

    This archive is missing 3 great DJ’s .. The Psychonaughts .. I still listen to their radio one essential mix from 96… these guys would sit in the studio like they were born there. There from the UK if ya don’t know

    I love betalounge thanks for years of the finest … resp.

  3. hi usselt, heiko from the beta lounge hamburg crew aka turnvadder here…it’s funny that you mention off the bench & friend in your list of beta lounge faves cause it’s slim schludy & ekambus under a different name…re psychonauts: we tried to get em on the show last year when they played a gig at tanzhalle in hamburg but their schedule was too tight, we hope they can make it when they are around next time. check the shows by dj dsl, urbs & cutes and assoto sounds if you haven’t so far, i think you’d like em. thanks for listening, h.

  4. i love the biggie smalls portion of the program

  5. Call me a dayum funk-a-holic, but this is the kind of down to the bone soul so missing in so much of it all dese daze….great-ass mix, kept me up half the night worrying I’m too pale, but never went face down in the honeycomb, dats one ting. Kewdos!

  6. you transport the fun in music i love so much new school oldschool timeless good music and inspiration! thank you dj`s…

  7. nice set — but: why the dj played CENSORED versions of black music trax? if nobody told you before: this is like a punch in the face for real headz. really unnecessary…

  8. HA! this is indeed a pleasant suprise! chock full of good times music to make your day staring at your crotch appear that much better.. funky stuff, older stuff, hip hop stuff, r & b stuff, sexy stuff.. lubricates you while you sit…

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