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Benjamin Wild


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    23,30 minutes : oh yeah !!! it’s delicious !!

  2. Quality tracks, Mr. Wild can’t mix to save his life though. But still well worth a listen!

  3. I love this set! I listen to it all the time! Great tracks!

  4. WOW! What is the track around 1hour 19 mins??? Anyone? Anyone?

    I love this set. Benjamin kicks ass!

  5. …please, please. please, add ‘iTunes’ (Quicktime) server access’. It’s soooooo much easier to launch and use; and well, it’s just COOL! Then, instead of being just an occasional visitor, I’d become a regular, because your shows are GREAT.

  6. To Leitmotif: Wild is no DJ; this is a live set…

  7. to tinkerbell: this is dj set
    and it’s great

  8. Inteligent & Moody..

  9. Great tracks for sure (I would love to see the playlist…), and Benjamin Wild is himself a great producer. But I’m a bit disappointed here, isn’t djing about actually BEAT-MATCHING tracks, as if it were a long, never-ending track, and not barely cross-fading from one to another ? Isn’t it like a hamburger without meat ? Please don’t break the magic…

  10. Death shit. Rollin – Kickin
    Benjamin Wild.

  11. No, I’m afraid a few of you missed the point. Mr. Wild’s mixing style is raw and compliments the music well. It’s about hearing the entirety of one track, and a respect for the producer, much like on parts of both Speicher mix CDs.
    But what the fuck is that last closing track, played twice in the set. Such a Killer!!

  12. Slayer, I believe the last track is one of his own, part of a 3-track release on Force Trax label. Can’t remember the name of the EP. The track beginning at 23Ā½ minutes is also on it šŸ™‚

  13. possibly the least wild of the wild family.. discovered through listening to this tame set.. i hope benjamin takes all his clothes off and starts running around grunting and creaming pretty soon otherwise this set wont do much for me with its minimal clicks and squelches and buzzes

  14. Hight Class Mix. I discovered this set four years after it was posted. Can’t belive I never liste to this before, even though I liste to the BL every day at work.

  15. @leitmotif & slayer:

    Wellness ep – Benjamin Wild (Forcetracks029)

    The track at 23 minutes is called \”2001_b\” and the last track of the show is \”christmas 2000\”

    He is a great producer…
    Maybe i hear the click and cut sounds from yesterday than the minimal-shit like marc romboy or pokerflat of tomorrow…

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