This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Beta Lounge Soundsystem & Friends from St.Pauli


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  1. a great set, filled with old school anti war songs…recorded in a time before dubya had his hard-on for killing Iraqis.

  2. Da freak da funk da flow ya know! These guys mix it high low and around the bend, old, new, and everything in-B-tween. Nice one fellas. Keep if funky and chunky.

  3. It’s good to see awake people who disapprove of the blatant unrighteousness comitted by the ignorant and heartless leader of the nation with the most weapons on this planet.

    I sincerely wish to see more citizens of the usa to become aware like the average betaloung-listener, to wake up from that dumb state of self-centeredness and be capable of thinking beyond that conformable lullaby of the mass media.

    Therefore I am very grateful to the beta lounge by being a counterbalance to that stupefying programms of the main TV-stations.

    Keep up your good work guys and do not get watered down by the temptation to take a bite of the so called profitable market out there, because the future lies in the truth and it seems to me that political and economical structures based on lies begin to suffer a crunch at the dawn of this new age!

  4. Hey Thilo..its also helpful bein from ole Canada. Gives a bit of a less red white and fucked up blue perspective!

  5. at last some geo political sense. incease the peace!

  6. lets all sodomise bush.. sound good? not as good as the beats y’all…

  7. Manipulato Fela Kuti sings \”you can dash my Popati\” ca 2h37.
    such a funny word…

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