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Berger & Bathos


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  1. what’s goin’ on over there in Hamburg!? i LOVE these GAWDDAMN kraut bastards!! nobody drops the minimal funk like they do!

    Anybody know the track that drops at 18:08 thru 22:40 region?


  2. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to this set since I first heard it in mid-2003. It’s gotta be in the dozens of times. I almost feel bad about the amount of BL bandwidth I must have consumed just listening to this set alone.

    These guys spun a GREAT set. When do we get to have them again, please???????

  3. cool and refreshing beats.. takin it nice and slow and quiet… like the first time you make sweet sweet love.. sticky, fumbling moments, but hushed by the urgency to get to the end.. weve all been there, weve all had to mop up in our beds.. weve all woken up gooey and exhausted.. let hamburger and bathtowel take you there

  4. It opens with “Can’t Turn Me Away” — the same one sampled for that Biggie song that’s just infectious.That’s elsewhere, too, but usually buried. Bubbalicous.

  5. ID at 1:31:00? Heaaatttttt

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