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Manitoba [Digital Convienence Vol 6]


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  1. quality mix, does anyone know what the first hiphop tune is, – starts 4 mins in with lyrics ‘mc mi , people call me milk ‘ …

    • Top Billin is the original lyrics but i think he dropped the lyrics on an instrumental because thats not the original beat.

  2. quality beats y’all.. i pored milk ON myself after that first track.. know what your saying mikergee.. took me by suprise and left me cold and soakin in milk.. then it got kinda sexy.. like the set.. nuff said !!

  3. Oooooh! Nice little one hour set here. A little mix of everything from hip hop to downtempo, funk and disco. Gotta say I love the Squarepusher blend and love \”Shoot The Pump\”.

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