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Lars ‘LB’ Behrenroth, Resident DJs


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  1. Actually…yes. I would love to finally know who is on the first 7 tracks in this set. I have been listening to it over and over for the past 3 years. I have an affinity for this set because its the first set I ever listened to from betalounge. So a track listing would be much appreiciated if anyone out there knows of one.
    I DJ locally in SF and would love to throw a couple of these down.

  2. i am starting a cult and would like this set to be my theme song.. come join me.. let the funk free our minds and take us to our spaceship in the sky.. its a sex cult that thrives on hamburg house.. free your loins..

  3. This is just such a corking set. I keep forgetting its here, such a great set…

  4. Keep doin what your doin. The music helps to put me in the right mind set to deal with and balance out thw day-to-day life style I live. It goes straight to the soul and makes me feel whole, ya dig. Peace Out.


  5. 7 years since I last made a comment, so just checkin in to say \’wow\’

  6. i think this is one of the best house&downbeat mixes i ever heard and it shows perfectly the connection and friendship between San Francisco and Hamburg… thanks, big THANKS!

  7. I’m no longer DJ Soulside but I am still loving this set.

  8. i looked everywhere on the net yet i still can’t find were i can find a platform to download Lars’s mix(Betalounge mix), i heard a few years back , ive since then been looking. please provide me with a link. “No bad music”

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