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Fumiya Tanaka at the Liquid Room, Tokyo, pt 6 [Digital Convenience Vol 6]


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  1. F’ing great sets… Some of Fumiya’s greatest most minimal work.. His trackselection and the fluent mixingstyle makes this one a classic.
    There was sadly some recordingproblems: one channel is VERY low.
    But all in all one of the greatest minimal groovy TECHNO sets I have ever heard..
    Don’t miss it!

  2. brings many good memories back from lost nye 98-99 quality

  3. techno is like wine, there are only so many good vintage years.

  4. wine is like techno.. loads of bottles spoilt by poor additives and inferior blending.. im also partial to montrachet and vosne romanee which has nothing to do with techno at all..

  5. techno is like wine. A soft white for those warm summer evenings. A full bodied red for those nights of a deeper, darker nature.

  6. the older this set gets, the better it sounds.

    those rolling drums,
    changing loop structures,
    recognisable 909 elements,
    and inventive noise samples are the very things that, to me, minimal techno now lacks….greatly.

    the further minimal goes in its current direction,
    the better late 90s techno will sound.

    and lets remember the credibility Tanaka has as a producer –
    look at tresor 176; talk about pushing the envelope to take something further into (then) unknown territory…as a continuation of \’Unknown Possibilty 1\’; tracks from which feature here.

    techno happened where / when it did….maybe that\’s what makes it sound so good.
    good examples like this age very, very well.


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