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Rootdown with Rainer Trüby | Peter Kruder


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Rainer Trüby hosts a monthly at the legendary jazz venue waldsee in his hometown freiburg in the black forest, close to the swiss border, inviting the who is who of dance music. beta lounge germany was lucky to catch rainer and peter kruder sharing the decks for an amazing night. props to carhartt germany for helping to cover the production costs.


  1. great f’in track right off the start great set plain and simple!

  2. Brilliant track indeed – any idea as to artist name/track title?? I desperately want to hear the whole tune…

  3. Another great line up of chillin stoney beats. Just another reason to break out some fruity chronic and get your feet wet ( Yippie ‘ky’ ayyyyy )

  4. tatatii-tatataa, tatatii-tatataa …

    thankyou for best mix 😉

  5. i know you’re listening to this kidane. thanks for a great time in brussels, mate. se e you soon. stay off the crack. tris

  6. trisy boy thanks for coming out here i’ll do my best to stay away from the glass pipe, check out the track at 3hrs and 8 minutes its proper phat…

  7. OK OK OK OK U r better than me. u WIN

  8. dug this.. really did.. so i am excited to say i love you Rootdown.. truly do..

  9. Europes Faves!!! Lovem or hatem!!! If you wanna listen to Austrian German underground music… dig this!!! Melt away …

    keep the groove on!

    greetz to Rainer and Trüby!!!


  10. tris you are missing out on a phat party in the fine isles. i am coming to pimp out paris in no time. keep it real.
    big love

  11. superb mix of pure deep hednodism, easy as you like !!!!

  12. i could listen to this mix thousands of times without it ever sounding old. i know one or two songs from rainer’s set, but i’d love to know the rest. does anyone have any info on any of the records rainer spins?

  13. yeah y’all this shit is hot, be careful

  14. Best track on beta lounge! Smoke a fatty for me and this mix!

  15. Been listening to Rainer’s sets all day, perfect listening for any occasion?

    Where is this guy from?

  16. Adam,
    Are you still listening Adam? I’m now in Brussels: the world has turned full circle since I was last up here seeing you. Drop me a line.

  17. I found this years ago and still love listening to this funky assortment of groves. Wish I could find more Kruder & Dorfmeister (sp?) KD and Rainer Truby on the site.

  18. Does anyone know the first track?

    Thanks, Greetings from Graz,

  19. I know it’s been a while since this show, but what is the name of the very first track??
    thanx in advance

  20. 6h37min:52s – Wow, what a great latin style jazzy track!
    Also the next 2 tracks are beatiful and make me very glücklich. 😉

    Oh, i would love to get a peek in Rainer\’s recordcollection. I must not forget a pen, paper and a camera…

    I am looking forward on seeing Rainer and Peter in a few feeks.

    Peace out from Graz, GreB

  21. track @ 2.22 anyone?

  22. What a power … 🙂

    No, unfortuanatly i dont know that track. But it\’s massive!


  23. Gotta leave some comments about this epic set:
    One of the best sets from Rainer Trüby in my opinion! Well, of those i know of :-)!
    Rainer\’s track selection is just so amazing – just listen to the first hour until Peter Kruder is stepping up the decks. Pure bliss and mellow mixing!
    Thanks alot Betalounge for recording this night!
    Peace from Graz,
    0:00:00 Zuco 103 – Outro Lado (Presence Dub)
    2:22:00 LB – Superbad
    6:37:52 Chet Baker – Salsamba
    Peter Kruder is of course also absolutly great! ^^

  24. i bet you\’re still listening to this adam

  25. I think that one of first tunes is a remix of Sybil – Make It Easy On Me.

  26. @josing: Yeah, you are right! Thanks alot! 🙂


  27. The track here is: Make It Easy On Me (The Drumming Remix)(The Key Tronics Remixes)

  28. high.
    one of the mine favorite mixes for ever.
    any chances of more information on songs that were played that magical night?

  29. @kozmonaut:
    yeah, sure, just tell me at what time, because the set has a lot of tracks …

  30. 1:08? because, DAMN

  31. @jgawth:
    Yeah, that’s a super dope track! Sorry, have no clue …

  32. tune @ 7:55 is killing me!!!!

    Rae & Christian feat. Tania Maria “Vai Viver A Vida” but anybody know where I can find that version??

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