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Dublab Massive with Frosty, Languis, Hoseh


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  1. Does anyone know the track before, ‘Everybody Loves the Sunshine’ just before the 57 minute mark….it sounds like marvin gaye not sure, if anyone knows the title of the track that would be awesome…

    peace and respect…great mix by they way, nice to listen to when playin dominoes

  2. hey hey hey !!!
    this is one of the best mixes I’ve ever heard
    reggae/dub/rap this is what I like, nice fruity sounds… ;)))

    unfortunately from time to time sound quality is getting worst, but its still nice to hear during goooood smoking nigth ;))

    yo yo
    Woocheck man

  3. from weird to good and back again… slap my ass with an LP and call me mikerism.. that centre section was kool.. gimme the Beatles anytime.. and more so if youre on all fours and slappin yourself with an LP.. thats special.. and the music makes you do that.. guaranteed! until the wierd dub shit makes your brain melt..

  4. some great tunes in here , tracklist possible??:D the track at 52 and the next one are perfect

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