This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Matt Black [Coldcut], Rasta Cue Tip


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  1. Worth peepin………bad ass set.

  2. how is it that no one has commented till now about this set, prolly the best set on beta lounge. are volcom and I the only ones that know what up?!

  3. i’ve been listening to this set for years. besides the fact that its top notch on beta lounge, to me its one of coldcut’s best recorded sets that exist.

  4. thanks for tippin’, i’m trippin’

  5. its coo, but not that great compared to dub lab!!!

  6. its great but so much better than that other thing that isnt as good… trip me out baby im cummin..

  7. and then it gets better and funkier than the other better funky ones….

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