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Charles Webster, State of Bengal, Banco De Gaia


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  1. Opening up with a tune form his absoulet corking album…this set has got to be one of the finest deep-house sets on the betalounge. The mixing is a little shaky in places, but when the tunes are as good as this…four years after the set….you know something is going right!

    Check it out…

  2. what the hell is that tune that has (you make me wanna fall in love all over again) in it?

    please tell me

  3. the selection say’s it all about charles webster 1st class

  4. fuckin sweet.. sugar stirred through honey tipped over a mars bar deep fried and rolled in coconut and icing sugar.. listen and get some more honey out.. smear it over yourself to let the sweetness of the music become all pervasive.. top work on these honey beats.. funky, deep and penetrating..

  5. as he said, 7 years ahead of this set I can say. it can’t get better than this.

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