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Kenny Larkin Live from Optimal SF


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  1. Love and respect to Kenny!! Wanna hear the sounds from Detroit Techno City. This is it!

  2. Loved this set Kenny is such a hot DJ. Never seen him play though. Would like to know the name of the tune at around 37min that breaks with the Micheal Jackson sample. And the track at the 30min mark a Ron Hardy favourite which Kenny plays alongside Spastik by Richie Hawtin. If you can help post info this page. Peace!

  3. kenny larkin the true detroit sound with lp/cd Metaphors


  4. The mixed Michael Jackson track at 37min is “Off the Wall”. The original version sounds different, a little slower, might be sped up for Kenny’s mix.

  5. still rocks da house after nearly 10 years…
    @ 29:30

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