This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Constantin Groll live at PopKomm2000


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Hamburgs one-and-only burschiberger … ohne worte.


  1. One of my very favorites. Very relaxing adn laid back. Does anyone know what the track is that starts at 1:15?

  2. hi tellio41,
    thx for the thumps up. wouldn’t have expected someone comenting on this show after such a long time but am grateful cause it made me relisten and send me down memory lane: some tunes that are firm favourites to this date, some i forgot and have to dig out again, some i can’t remember…
    not the one you were asking though, cause it got played to death later 😉
    Louie Austen – Hoping – Cheap Records
    btw, the whole mix sounds like i was constantly fiddling with the flanger fx – i was not, must be the compression

  3. Konsti,

    Ist das Internet nicht wundervoll? Hoere gerade Deine Show an. 11 Jahre nachdem ich live dabei war!


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