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Kevin Saunderson


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  1. This set is really tite. More on the house side than when I’ve heard KS play but that’s not a bad thing in this case. Hard enough in places, sweet enough in others….really good.

  2. i really enjoyed that mix

  3. Tight set. Kevin Saunderson never fails to impress. Betalounge needs to bring some of these dope house legends back to the studio… yeah.

  4. A bit different then others,but equally good set.More housey then techno,mixing is nice and track selection too.
    all in all,for me 3 1/2 out of 5!

  5. It was a nice set but seeing how the dollar is headed for a massive devaluation, I could not enjoy it very much.

  6. i was whipped into submission by the dominatrix of techno luv

  7. Has anybody heard the transmissions mix he did in Toronto? Deep in the jungle, that was the best mix I have ever heard.

  8. does anyone knows the first track after the intro ???..please pleaseeeee šŸ™‚

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