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Astral Matrix, Andrew Rawnsley


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  1. I love this set…………Astral Matrix is awesome!!!!

  2. This is absolutely fantastic. This is excellent for just chilling, or if you want to dance a bit. It’s so engaging. When I close my eyes I take a trip around the universe.

  3. Last Friday I was at a party in St Andrews, Scotland where Andrew Rawnsley played for over seven hours straight! In the seven years since recording this show for beta lounge Rawno has only gotten deeper.

  4. Brilliant!!! Very impressive set of mixe… I particulary love the Drumm’n Bass at the middle… So good!!! So good!!! So good!!!

  5. Now this is what i love about this site… ive been listening for years and still i hit on little gems hiding in this now vast archive. In my opinion no other music radio site can match betalounge for such depth and diversity. The first hour does it for me. Although I’m only 2:30 in. Its an ambient style techno with an old school flava which is totally fresh and uplifting. Awsome sounds! Truly great…The second set isnt so solid although it was a tough act to follow. Some good tunes in there none the less. Sweet drum and bass to follow and i wait in eager anticipation for the rest. Thankyou beta lounge!

  6. Ahhh, Mr. Andrew Johnson (Astral Matrix).
    A man that very much needs to come back into the fray.

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