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Sven Weisemann


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Mojuba / Berlin

No doubt, one of the most interesting and highly rated talent in Germany’s Housemusic today is Sven Weisemann from Berlin. Sven has been DJ’ing since 1997 and producing since 2001.He also plays piano, acoustic guitar and percussion – all of which were self-taught. With the help from our Smallville mates Sven finally made it to the Beta Lounge and delievered one of his unique & powerful sets. Don’t hesitate, click here and enjoy…


  1. Fantastic, dreamy Music! I am with it! THANKS for THIS!

  2. Geniales Set….

    brauche unbedingt den Track, welcher so ab ca. Min. 15 beginnt…und ca. bei Min 19 endet

    Danke im voraus für Eure Hilfe

  3. 15:00 -19:00 who made who rmx von koze

  4. @ zeo044e: Daaanke!!!

    und nen angenehmes wochenende…

  5. AWESOME. Just awesome.

  6. I feel so relaxed..absolutely fantastic!!
    I almmost love you for this set, Sven ;)))))

  7. Loving it! What’s the track at 30minutes? So good.

  8. This was a wonderful show. Big ups to Mr. W.

    I’m dying for a track ID at:
    [1 hr 21 minutes to 1 hr 24 minutes]

    Love and respect,


  9. Really really good mix! Does anyone know the track starting at around 8 mins? Would be much appreciated.

    Best regards

  10. And the very last track? I’m dying to know this…it’s soo lovely. Can anyone help?

  11. @ peerillner – 8 min – The Pussy Shepherd – Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts

    And, the last track is by Dee Pulse or D-Pulse, but I can’t remember the title. Here is their discogs page:



  12. 01:13:00 STL – Silent State from Silent State (Smallville Records / SMALLVILLE012)

    01:26:00 Chubby Dubz – further we go from Further We Go (Undertones / UT001)

  13. kann es sein, dass das down ist? *winke, winke* 🙂

  14. fixed, thx for the prettypark!

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