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Move D


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  1. Way to go David!!! This is Sean from Detroit. Hey man we need to schedule a booking for you to come back to the Dirty D and play for us again in 2010. Was a blast last time us parting into the night and early morning.


  2. Love it/Especially ab Minute 30!!! Was danach kommt ist der Hammer!!! Sehr melodisch, super rhytmisch / Take it further this way!!!

  3. Such a wonderful set, as usual. So many thanks, for the lovely tunes.

    If anyone has track ID’s at 30 minutes, and for the last track, that’d be excellent.

    Much love,


  4. Hey Loungers ,-)

    check out the Label Workshop. There he has a new 2xLP where you can find some tracks of this “Live” and “Turntable” Set.

    You can find other Tracks from S(moove) D. at Shanti Records or Compost Black Label, but in other arrangements.

    I love it really. I have some of his records and it will be more for sure. Also thanks to Betalounge for another hours of excellent Dope Music.

    Sorry about my bad english ,-)

    Au revoir!


  5. MOVE D – wie immer – saugeil – šŸ™‚
    echt geile Mugge


  6. please…..anybody know the intro track….?

  7. – no idea –

    I think its an older soundscape Track from himself, maybe unreleased…

    Merry Christmas to all and good luck for the next year.

    Best wishes from bavaria


  8. Nice set from Move D. Loved hearing ‘Between Us’ and ‘Heidelberg Gals’!

    Look forward to seeing Move D with Reagenz in the States this spring.


  9. track at 25:56 – Between Us (Shanti).
    Released: February 2010

  10. Total absence of dull moments in this mix, highlights all over the place. Peace my man! Grtzz, Peter/Amsterdam

  11. Final track of the mix is “Keep Building” by Reagenz, off the ‘Playtime’ release.



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