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DJ Roman


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DJ Roman (Hamburg-City)


  1. Jesus why no comments on this set yet? It\’s beautiful!

    Way to go DJ Roman, I\’m loving it.

  2. First off Great tunes and mix!

    Track ID PLEASE! can you tell me the track name @ 1:24:00 or so?

    Cheers and thanks

  3. One of the better sets i\’ve heard in a while on beta!

    Nice one DJ Roman –

    Congrats from a few listeners here in Australia.


  4. thank you for the props. Listened to my own mix TODAY for the first time.Tracklist will follow. roman

  5. hey shodgson1,

    sorry for the delayed answer. track that starts on timepoint 1:24:00 is \”w.a.r.\” by trusĀ“me

  6. It is not just a nice mix, it is much more like a journey through a magical land.

    many thanks for the nice trip ^^

  7. yeah, very grooved allright… thx for a nice workflow.

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