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  1. I\’ve been waiting patiently for this mix, I caught a bit of it on the live broadcast.

    Thank you Betalounge!!! 🙂
    Thank you Assoto Sounds Connaisseurs!!! 🙂
    The best sounds around!

  2. ich höre die Show jetzt schon zum 2ten mal. großartig

    Assoto Sounds Connaisseurs – ihr übertrefft euch mal wieder selbst .-)

    ich würde mich freuen wenn ihr mir sagen könntet wie die Platte zu beginn heißt. tolle Version
    schade das es keine gesamt Playlist gibt – hätte noch so viele Stücke wo ich nicht weiß wer…und es gerne wissen würde

  3. Hey hugnakiss, thanks a lot! You can ask for any track you like! We\’ll help you out if you give us the start time of the concerning track.
    The first song is a \”Sexual Healing\” cover (I guess you figured that one :)) of the Hot 8 Brass Band. Check their other work too. They\’re gangsta!

  4. Classic mix!! \’Medication for the nation\’ 😉
    Too many great tunes too mention, no doubt i\’ll be reposting many more comment here in the future. 😉

    Thank you Assoto Sounds/Reefster/Betalounge! 🙂
    \”The best sounds around\” 🙂

  5. assoto never fails. all over the place and all the right ones.

  6. 1* very nice …
    Can anyone help with track @1h 11min 30sec ?

  7. yo! keep it real! keep it alive…

    brilliant set!

    thx assoto/betalounge

    and now:

    summer in the city!!!!!!!

  8. Sure uliflo15!
    That track is \”Black Is The Night\” off DJ Vadim\’s latest album \”The Soundcatcher\”. It\’s out on BBE – go and grab it NOW.
    And catch Vadim on the decks whenever you can. When it comes to crowd rocking he\’s a sureshot!

  9. Ich hab auf Heavy D getanzt … alleine bei der Arbeit … Danke Jungs!

  10. reeeeeal niiiiiiiiiiice reefster. what about at 4:20:00ish….i haven\’t been listening to radiohead lately….is this your mix or somebody\’s collaboration with thom york or who? likee. thanks! -spin in brooklyn

  11. glad y\’all like the show..

    cheers chris..on 4:20 thats the supergroup collabo itself:
    CRS (which consists of lupe fiasco,kanye west and pharrell)
    \”US Placers\” appeared on a kanye/lupe mixtape some time ago..thom yorke is not featured, its a a sample from a radiohead song called \”the erasers\”


  12. I\’d love to know what track 3 is called
    approx 10 minutes into the mix, I love it!!!!!
    Chorus sings \”out of the sky\”.
    Sounds a bit like Amp Fiddler on vocals?
    Amazing track!

  13. Hey Renegade. That gem indeed is \”Out Of The Sky\” by the most talented Van Hunt. You can find this track on his self titled debut EP (2004). But don\’t sleep over his eclectic 2006 album \”On the Jungle Floor\” and listen how he juggles styles and moods effortlessly. It\’s gangsta!
    As a matter of fact, does anyone know how to book that guy for shows???

  14. thx 4 this great set!!
    assoto still rocks 😉

    especially like the track around 20 mins, the original track who actually sampled jay dee 4 jaylib \”stars\”.. Anyone knows the name of this artist??
    Cheers from Liechtensein

  15. Hey Flex2, thanks a lot!
    That classic is \”For the Love of You\” from the Isley Brothers (1975). One of the greatest love songs man ever made. 5 star rating guaranteed!
    Sorry for the bumpy mixing around that though…

  16. grüße aus Berlin.

    mein neues Lieblingsset zur Arbeit ;o). Hoffentlich bis Freitag!

  17. Sexual Healing xD

  18. wow
    Great mix
    Ghetto vader

    Projeck 420

  19. the track around 01.01.00 mins,
    Anyone knows the name of this

    Merci D\’avance….

  20. la track a 1:01:00, est lupe fiasco-superstar

  21. Hi, great trax as usual, keep on…….

    and please what\’s that track at 2:42:20……?

    Sounds a bit like Caméo, but not sure at all.


  22. cheers cho7..

    big up…track you\’re looking for is the new wonderkind of stones throw records..

    James Pants – Crystal Lite feat. Deon Davis

    off his album \’Welcome\’



  23. Great set…can we get some love with a playlist — it would really help the artists out as I would like to purchase many of them.

  24. What\’s good dhardway?
    Well…yeah maybe we should think about that…although it\’s always great to get feedback and to be in contact with the listeners of the show and to find out which songs they enjoy most.
    Since it might take some time until a playlist pops up – or not – feel free to holla the time codes of the songs you want to cop.
    And we\’ll help you out in a minute.
    Get krunk.

  25. Hi out there,

    fantastic vibes. Thx a lot Assoto!
    Anyone can tell me the artist @ 1:40 around? Don\’t get his name right now!

    cheers mh

  26. Salut MataHari. Glad you enjoy our annual mix. Tell me, are you asking for The Streets \”Weak Become Heroes\” or Cassius \”Rock Number One\”? Holla back!

  27. Ole you legend! Long time no see! You had my office dancing and singing along to the marvin gaye track at the beginning of your mix….briliant!
    Check out what I have been up to in LDN here:

    Peace and nuff respect to the Assoto crew from a UK admirer!

  28. yo Harvcast..
    are you that infamous jay, street art adorer no. 1?
    tried to get in contact to you..
    drop me an email:ole at assoto dot com..


  29. big up the set: RASsoto vibes with the soul funk. want to give a shout to the betaSmakers crew. ya i saw the facelift. didnt think i noticed those sexy little robot legs?

    where\’s mikerism when you need a good mixed metaphor.


  30. Yo dJoke,

    It is indeed the J from UK!! I have ur email now and will be sending u message shortly….

    Peas and beans

  31. yeah..J..
    do it..
    didnt get anything until now..make sure it won\’t go spam 😉

  32. nice one, almost every track is pumpin\’ hard.

    i love the mixture of different music-styles!

    best set 4 doing anything!

    big up!

  33. _420_ IN TAIWAN

  34. again and again and again!

  35. tune in tomorrow..

    16.00 CET

    we back!

  36. jo funzt leider gerade nicht mehr! ist rettung möglich?

    best mix in lounge!

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