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Ed Davenport, Finn Johannsen & Marcel Vogel


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  1. xxxxxelent stuff, what\’s the track at 22 minutes, real nice.

  2. Bastien, thanks for the comment! The track at 22mins is Two Armadillos: \’Snowflakes\’… forthcoming on Dessous Rec. Cheers – Ed

  3. Hell yeaa…the track at 22 minutes is great! Can\’t wait to listen to more…


  4. Ok….What is the track at 1h 31mins. I have always loved this song, but don\’t know who the artist is…


  5. Hi,

    great mix! I am looking for the same track at 1h 31 mins.

    Thanks in advance
    P.J. Gonzalez

  6. track at 1:31 is

    Ed Davenport – Yanderling (GUMPTION002)


  7. ass shaking music – great stuff…

    at 1h 31 sounds like geoff white the apnea records, maybe it is…

    cheers! from bavaria

  8. Maybe this might spark some interest: my playlist 🙂 mix starting at 1:41…

    01 Citispeak – Rock to Rock
    02 Tom Tom Club – Genius of Love
    03 Jo Jo – Jackson Rd.
    04 Mona Rae – Do Me (Tee Scott Mix)
    05 Aaron Broomfield – I m gonna miss ya
    06 The Escorts – Make me over
    07 STL – QRZ
    08 Futura – Feelin Hot
    09 Mock n Toff
    10 Mandrill – Having a love Attack
    11 Salsoul – I´ll keep you warm
    12 The Ramonas – I dont want you back
    13 Omni – Out of my hands
    14 Players Association – We are almost there
    15 The oneness of Ju Ju – Any way but loose
    16 LCD Soundsystem – Its time to get away
    17 DJ Chaos –
    18 Poor Righteous Teachers – Holy Interlect
    19 Hot Coins – NG Style
    20 Acid House – Work it
    21 House
    22 House
    23 Freestyle
    24 B 52´s – Mesepotamia
    25 Greg Khin Band – I was in Jeopardy (Marcel Vogel Edit)
    26 Sun Ra – U.F.O.
    27 Landslide – Had it coming
    28 Soulphiction – Modernist
    29 Jaguar Wright – The what if´s
    30 Steve Spacek – Story of my life
    31 UP MY ALLEY

    PS: Ed? whats that tune at 1:07h??

    Cheers m.

  9. yo marcel!

    track @ 1.07 is Eamonn Doyle – \’Red Shift\’ – D1 Recordings from Dublin, Ireland.

    One of my absolute favourites for a long time!

    cheers – ed

  10. Hey Ed, or anyone that knows, I would love to know the song that comes in before Eamonn Doyle – \’Red Shift\’…Such a beautifully chill house tune.

    Also, what a great mix!

    Do any of these djs come to New York? Its always Van dyke, tiesto, victor calderone, blah blah blah. Why don\’t the good european house djs come to the us at all? Seems like there would be demand.

  11. I´ll be in NYC later this year but mostly to buy all boogie records left 🙂
    if you have anything going I´ll be happy to parcitipate…

  12. hey, before eamonn doyle its vincenzo, \’at throb\’, from a re-issue of the raw elements label, released through poker flat.

    cheers! ed

  13. hi there. Great to see you back on betalounge ed. Really enjoyed your last set with that wonderful intro, which i always come back to( sounds like dropping needles in very slow motion)
    I live in Banbury, Oxfordshire and run a magazine, great sounds.

  14. Damn! This set has so much propulsion in it, it\’s hard to keep still at the computer. It\’s basically making me type faster and faster!

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