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Lars Behrenroth, Maurice Aymard


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LARS BEHRENROTH (Deeper Shades Of House / Los Angeles)


  1. excellent night music…what is the track that starts @24:00min

  2. that is \”Hot Music\” by SoHo..

  3. Lars and Maurice. Great show.

    Lars, I know you\’ll be back.

    Maurice you have to come back.


  4. track @ 02:49?

  5. Only just started listening, but have to know the track 11m – 18m … absolutely mindblowing..

    Can anyone help out?

    Can\’t wait to hear the rest!

  6. How much I did enjoy!
    absolutely beautiful.

  7. Does any one the title of 02:49:10.? I just can\’t stop playing back the cursor

  8. thank you:)

  9. Hi,

    excellent mix! I\’m dying to find out the track beginning at 12:00, I recognise bits and pieces of Mariah Carey-Say Somethin in it.

    P. Gonzalez

  10. wooha…plastics fantastics…this is the highest in electronics…listen around 1:47 and all after…so earth

    stay summer

  11. Very Plez!

  12. Monstruous!

  13. Can we get a playlist!?! I think that this should be standard for any set on Betalounge.

    Isn\’t it all about the artists; if so then why not post the information on the tracks? I don\’t think that it is too much to ask.

  14. Great mix!! Big up

  15. wwwwwoooooaaaahhhhhh

  16. thanks for the props, guys ..

    the track starting to come in around 12:00 is a new Mark E on Running Back, called \”Slave\”


  17. Great set !
    What is track at about 2H10MN ?

    Thanks !

  18. Another excellent set.

    Looking for track ID @

    2 hr 6 min
    2 hr 10 min
    3 hr 0 min

    Many thanks,


    // //

  19. @ stevekraft : Track id at 2H06mn is Sven Weisemann slices (Lars Behrenroth remix) released on Liebe Detail

    Sill no idea for the track just after ? (abt 2h10mn)

  20. Nobody can help me ???

    Still no idea for the
    track just after ? (abt 2h10mn)

  21. The violins in the background starting at 2:13 are from Artist: \”Quentin HARRIS\” with track \”Let\’s Be Young\”.

  22. guao a lot of comments, the track you are asking is a intro of pablo bolivar .
    maurice aymard , check our site

  23. Soooo excellent! Love it!

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