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unreleased sessions


  1. 1 hr 20 mins… what be this track???


  2. tracklist lovebirds betalounge set

    1. lovebirds – smooth & fatfree
    2. lovebirds – juicy jizz
    3. lovebirds – circus 53
    4. lovebirds – u give me
    5. lovebirds – everything
    6. lovebirds feat holly backler – give me a sign (comin on winding road this year)
    7. lovebirds & vincenzo – cant get along (from modern stalking ep on wr)
    8. lovebirds – sarice
    9. lovebirds – tuesday (comin on teardrop this year)
    10. lovebirds & vincenzo – national (comin on teardrop this year)
    11. lovebirds – alright
    12. lovebirds – modern stalking (from modern stalking ep on wr)
    13. lovebirds – stopp
    14. lovebirds – this feelin
    15. lovebirds feat holly backlergive me a sign (dubfuck) (comin on winding road this year)
    16. lovebirds – q vs blaze
    17. lovebirds feat holly backler – in the shadows (comin on winding road this year)
    18. lovebirds & vincenzo – M.U.S.I.C. (comin on teardrop this year)
    19. lovebirds – snary
    20. lovebirds – the night (comin on winding road this year)
    21. lovebirds – gentle (comin on teardrop this year)
    22. kneedeep – darlin (from big love ep on kneedeep rec out now)
    23. lovebirds feat ruben – right in the middle
    24. lovebirds – i dont know why (from modern stalking ep on wr)

    teardrop is a new label launched this year by myself and vincenzo

  3. very very shenny ….

  4. mmmmm, 1:51 is the one I’m feeling- oh hell yes!

  5. nice chilled plate of grooves, feeling the love!! Making Monday morning at work at damn sight easier!!

  6. I am having problems listening to the mix………i wish there was a mp3 version of this so i could download……..

  7. Dunno what´s the deal but since a month I haven´t been ab le to listen to many of the mixes or only sporadicaly, anyone having the same problem, or for that matter, anyone having a solution? updated the player and so on, nothing works, nothing loads…

    Any help more than welcome…

  8. yo what is up?
    is this JANKY LOUNGE
    yall needs to fix this shit
    we can’t get past show music

  9. I ran into the same trouble, and sent an email. The BL guys say their server crashed out, and they’re struggling to rebuild the whole thing. A note on the front says now that all of 2008 is restored. I assume they’re working backwards. So maybe 2007 will be back up soon, too!

    I’m just really glad that the site isn’t going away or something lame like that!!!

  10. damnit! checking almost everyday waiting for this mix to be back online…

  11. Agreed. Is there anyway to help? I would vote for a member-financed upgrade to the servers if there is a lack of time/manpower (recognizing that a lot of this site has been built by love for the music and we have all benefited from it freely for the last 10+years)

  12. You\’ve sold your soul!
    you want money!
    We can donate!
    and the mixes are back online, wicked!
    I love you guys…
    and will happily give a few bucks now and then to be able to listen to your stuff, keep up the good work.

  13. thank god, I thought you were going out for summer brake, or something, I was feelling very sad since you stopped streaming these excelent grooves. greetings from chile, this loooong and narow strip of land!!!!!!

  14. as always – marvelous !!!
    cheers from POLAND!
    see my staff

  15. wonderful time listening to these sounds! 😉

  16. Hi from Dollaro
    i\’d like 2 know the name of song at 30.00
    Many thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. Sweet set!

  18. This is fantastic! Looking forward to a full length release soon. The Gentle EP was great, but there are really great unreleased gems here in this mix. Hope this gets out soon.

  19. I really really really like this set! So smooth and well-balanced. It\’s propulsive but not frenetic. A good match to my car-racing game on Wii.

  20. this mix is killing it for this summer (maybe im late)…..but its still live and oozing sensuality, spread around!!!

  21. this is a VERY beautiful & soothing set of house music. thanks for this!

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