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Nils Frahm/Uebertonmensch


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  1. Big thanks for bringing us this beautiful music !! It has to be said that the Übertonmensch sets/live’s here are the best in the IDM – Experimental field i’ve ever heard. Truely touching soul and mind – never boring – always exciting ! I was hoping for a new Übertonmensch set since the last one, and i’m blown away!

    Nils, would be so great if you post the playlist, if possible !

    Thanks Betalounge, thanks Übertonmensch!

  2. very nice. slow, silent and melancholic… just as i like it … 🙂

  3. I absolutely agree. Sublime. What a joy!!!
    Thanks to both Uehertonmensch and Betalounge.
    Best regards from Denmark

  4. hey folks,

    it was big fun playing @ the wonderful betalounge in hamburg.
    i would love to announce some new releases on our label AtelierMusik.

    you´ll find us @ itunes store
    search for : nils frahm or übertonmensch

    setlist: (artists only)

    1. ryuchi sakamoto & alva noto
    2. aoki takamasa
    3. murcof
    4. rechenzentrum
    5. opiate
    6. biosphere
    7. boards of canada
    8. four tet
    9. dictaphone
    10. the notwist
    11. tied & tickled trio
    12. cliff martinez
    13. david darling
    14. icarus
    15. alva noto
    16. arvo pärt
    17. eleni karaindrou
    18. gonzales
    19. strand
    20. mice parade
    21. f.s. blumm
    22. akron family
    23. unknown
    24. voncent gallo
    25. sebastien tellier
    26. flim
    27. manitoba
    28. donato wharton
    29. the remote viewer
    30. jan jelinek
    31. system
    32. fonica
    33. aphex twin
    34. alog
    35. steve reich
    36. deafprod
    37. arvo pärt



  5. Great, thanks for the tracklist, gotta give some of this music a closer look! I’ll keep an eye out for UTMensch, maybe one day in Copenhagen :)! Keep up the good work + good luck !!

  6. Yep, thanks for the list nils.
    I discovered Alog, which is some execellent stuff.

  7. Sublime!
    Betalounge back on form. keep it coming.

  8. Yab,

    sublime – for sure! Greetz from Lüneburg, Nils.

  9. nice stuff! nils, du der nils, mein ex mitbewohner postet hier?

  10. I cant access the archive. The other shows works but this one seems to be empty…. I prefer music than silence… Put it back in?


  11. same shit with me, no clip… get me up & going again, dearest master of webs, ain’t thrillin’ yet…

  12. Looks like only the the last 4- 5 shows are working. Tryed a lot of other past shows… not 1 is working!

  13. WINTER

    Thanks guys, missed you….

  14. Indeed. Welcome back!

  15. Stunning. Refreshing.

    Thank you.


    // //

  16. its been a long while since i’ve last listened vincent gallo. too many cool tracks. it would have been longer.
    quality music thankss

  17. Delicius set!
    And I love the combination Nils Frahm + Ubertonmensch!!

    There is any place that I can find some track list?

    beijos nos 2!

  18. takk fyrir uebertonmensch[nils frahm] ::awesome as per

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