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(Member Of The Trick / Sonar Kollektiv / Berlin)


  1. Das ist wie der Soundtrack zu ‘Niemand ist eine Insel’. Alles Gute zum Jubileum!

  2. Was wird da eigentlich ab Minute 28:30 gespielt?

  3. dop set trickski. What’s the first track? amazing ddep tune.

  4. hello everybody-the mushroom crew,vixen, djdeckon(amsterdam)and doug

  5. the first track is called “cool cat” by queen… queen still rules! r.i.p. freddy!

  6. the track at 28.30 is Kikiorix “Plastic House” Phonique Remix. Check is forthcoming remix for MOTT10 out this winter!

  7. very nice!

    i am in love with the track at min 39. what is it?

  8. the very first track before queen is an atjazz remix. just bought the record. it’s the b2 track, but i didn’t find it in discogs. don’t know the original name …

  9. hey mobic
    it’s furry phreaks ft terra deva – all over the world ( Charles WEbster dub ) – Miso

  10. oh right. my fault. it’s the webster remix. it’s the better one …

  11. yeah, great stuff as allways. wats the track at 39 min??? smbdy???:)

  12. it is jay shepheard on compost black label 19 I think.
    I dont remember track names too well… just the labels and position on the 12″.



  13. hello there,

    does anybody know the track at 50:00 ??

    best regards alex

  14. ..and the fabolous track at 58:00; 1:23:00; 1:30:00; .. wow I love this sound šŸ™‚

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