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Constantin Groll


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(I Feel This / Global House Connection / HH)


  1. Lovin’ that smooth house. Thank you, Constantin.

    Hoping for track ID at:

    1 hr 33 min
    1 hr 53 min **
    1 hr 56 min

    Many thanks,


    // //

  2. holy moly-nice music!!!
    and by the way, what happend to my legs and arms??? they’re swingin’ and groovin’^^ geeez!!!

  3. Awesome stuff.

    Please, first track 00:00 – 08:09 – track name and artist info?

    Many thanks

  4. hey guys
    thank you so much for the thumbs up. glad you dig it.

    @ steven:
    the tracks you are looking for are
    1. remake of the Night Writers chicago classic “let the music use you” by Warehouse 5 an remixed by Grand High Priest. Forthcoming on Goya Music.
    2. Trusme – W.A.R. – Stilove4Music. should be in the stores this week
    3. vintage Romanthony tune “Trust” ( Downtown 161 )

    it’s actually two tracks
    it starts with the last minute of Toni Allen & Afrobeat 2000 – Nepa dance dub from 1986
    ( the first 25 minutes of my mix are missing due to technical difficulties )

    the second track is: Kaoru Inoue – The Secret Field ( Todd Terje rmx ) forthcoming on Mule Musiq

  5. Super, Burschi!

  6. extremely nice set, dude!

    i used it at work while watching bundesliga-clips (business stuff).
    nice to have the mix in the background while you have the atmo
    of the venue in the foreground. πŸ˜‰


  7. hey constantin, thank you for the music!
    btw, what’s the ID of the track around 1:00:00?
    thanks and gruss nach hamburg city

  8. many thanks to Schlurch ( watching Bundesliga as a job, now that’s sounds like my kind of work – need someone ? πŸ˜‰ ),
    the incredible Finn ( juhu! ) and Kaspar ( the record you are looking for is
    Hauke Freer – My Beat – Real Soon limited )

  9. Thanks for the sounds!

    If you don’t mind, I’ve been playing track 0:8:00 – 0:13:00 over and over… Could you please tell me what it is?


  10. Hey Mlanson
    the tune is Woolfy vs Projections – The Return of Starlight – Permanent Vacation Records

    glad you like it!

  11. Constantin, any plans to play in Mexico –someday?

  12. Constantine – add Sydney to that list … πŸ˜‰

    Great mix as always (are they ever bad?).

  13. Mexico, Sidney….no plans unfortunately, but i definitely wouldn’t mind to travel to these exciting locations πŸ˜‰
    so if you can make it happen to hook me up or got contacts, don’t hesitate to hit me with an e-mail

    thanks for the nice words, folks

  14. great mix
    check my new website

    nuff respect.

  15. great mix as always. What is the name of the last track you played?

  16. thanks a lot bangkok,
    that’s Furry Phreaks – All over the world ( Charles Webster Dub ) – Miso
    unfortunately it’s cut in the middle. you can hear the rest of it at the beginning of the Trickski mix πŸ˜‰

  17. Thanks Constantin.
    Any chance to also get track ID for


  18. Hi Bangkok
    sorry for the late answer. didn\’t check back here in quite some time

    the track at 1:00 is Hauke Freer – My Beat – Real Soon

    at 1:20: Microworld – This is my friend – Styrax Leaves ( way pitched down though πŸ˜‰ )

    at 1:43: Fabrice Lig – The round of funky bugs – Versatile

  19. me gusta mucho!

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