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Fresh Fish Label Night


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feat. Hausmann C & Paulo Olarte


  1. Hey I’m digging the vibes of this mix. Does Fresh Fish have a website yet? I checked discogs out but not site mention. Just want to get on the mailing list for new releases…

  2. I dug this pretty deep, too. I must have listened to it beginning-to-end about 3x now.

    Good set, guys. Nice German minimalist, but not *too* clickety.

  3. sehr gelungenes Set, respekt, sehr schön minimal, erfrischende Länge auch…

  4. DICK!!!!!!

    sehr schöner, Sound!!!!

    grüße nach Hamburg

  5. so so so sleepy… oh… im anyones now… hypnotised by the beats.. or lack of… either way… its bed time.. come join me and my fresh fish… so salty and delicious.. all over me.. bzzzz…. click.. bzzzzzz….

  6. …nossa!!… muito bom esse set….estou curtindo aki com minha mulher e está nos animando a começar bem a semana..valeu!!… sou o dj Collares aki em Brasília…hugs man

  7. Love this mix!! My new favorite………………Thank you again Beta Lounge!

  8. quality. dope minimal, funky house. well mixed. thank you.

  9. phewwwwwwwwwww

    hope it isn’t blasphemy to do javascripting to this musik…

    rather than meditating. or lazing around doped under the palms. fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk

    btw anyone – this must be an easy one – what’s that track around the 25 min.?

  10. great sound thx, i like the song who is played after 19 mminutes, great sounds a little bit cinematic sounds

  11. you´re keeping tha kinda vibe that i like, real bumpin minimal dope, groovy, nice set. again thanks a lot to the beta lounge crew. u always rock it..

  12.        -420-

  13. DU kommst mit in den Urlaub.

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