This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Pigon [Efdemin&Rndm],Trickski, Julius Steinhoff


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  1. Omar for president, thanks betalounge!

  2. julius!!! uh! uh! uh!

    -> 19.11.05 – hamburg – <-

  3. da freut sich die omi!
    ich mich auch….

  4. This is my favorite for a while!!! Thank you much……..

  5. Fantastic tracks :)))

  6. das good.
    das very good.
    das going to fire up a spliff and das it around the office.

  7. I’ll be listening to this one over and over for days lol


  9. oh what an excellent set, good job guys. could anypne pleeeeease submit a tracklinsting, i’m dying to hear what some of these tracks are. thanks 🙂

  10. Brilliant. I love the pictures with the sets now. I can pretend I am right there in the Beta Lounge.

  11. hey guyz gr8 vibes!

    just what i needed when i got home!!!


  13. does anyone know what the first track is, it sounds so familiar!

  14. it´s sandstorms by carl craig on planet e. many CC tracks are featured in this show! thanks to everyone at the betalounge!


  15. Damn, very nice set, fantastic songs and good mixing!!!

    Greetz from Bruges (Belgium)

  16. What is the record after Ame – Rej ? Playing at the 3:00:00 hour mark…
    I know it but I cant rememeber what it is…

  17. Same question here! Dope set by the way.

  18. an awesome set – micro and dubby!

  19. Nice mix indeed … what’s the track starting at 3.36.30 ? hope someone can help out

  20. the track after REJ is part of dirk leyer´s WELLEN EP. I don´t remember the name of the track… I hope that´s enough… cheers

  21. amazing how a set can drift by and you can just feel every part of your body doing weird things… like my legs which were up around my head scratching behind my ear like a dog.. satisfying and paving the way for a new music phenomenon/dance move… crazy beats here… doin my synapses in…

  22. Thanks Daniel!

  23. Lovely. Unhurried.

  24. Is there anywhere a playlist ?

    Great begin with Craigs Sanstorms !


  25. Playlist is:
    [00:00:00.0 :: Pigon]
    [01:29:18.0 :: Trickski]
    [03:14:00.0 :: Pigon & Julius Steinhoff]



  26. GROSS!!

  27. Yo,yo-commin corrEct!!__——–___-__-___———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————IM DIGGIN WHAT mikerism’S TALKIN BOUTY BOUT BOUT,THIS SET IS REALLY ABSTRACT,IMAGINATIVE,AND DANCY AZ FUKKKK.PROS FROM DALLAS, TECHAS-U.S.A

  28. Very imaginitive set, my friends. Pigon, what’s the track that starts at about minute 36? I love the play from speaker to speaker.

  29. hi there!
    the track you ask for is PIGON – AUF UND AB from an upcoming EP on JUST an upcoming label from berlin run by Nicholas Hoeppner from MY MY (Playhouse).
    It starts in 2006 and will feature MATT JOHN, PIGON, members from MY MY and more friends in the future
    watch out! (distribution: wordandsound)
    cheers, efdemin

  30. … or you mean the track which starts at 40:00. that is ANTTI RANNISTO on – my favourite!
    check out the just released album which is very much based on the possibilities of panning!
    on the great 12k label!
    there is a mp3 preview on the site.
    yours, efdemin

  31. cheers caramelo,
    i dig the style of information you provide,
    i guess there’s defintly some !!!love!!! in the game… 🙂

  32. Does anyone know the name of that absolutely gorgeous track playing at 8 minutes, I swear it’s a Turner track, but I don’t know what it is… I totally have to have this on vinyl… can anyone please help?

    Awesome set Efdemin and Rndm, I’m feelin’ the love this Christmas day 🙂

  33. Great Set indeed, goes well with the snow thats falling outside atm on this Boxing day in northern germany

  34. isolee, it’s ndru – a pony named klipklop. out on liebe*detail in january…



  35. Only just got thru the first hour – and this mix is rocking the study like a nutter. Thanks Misters FDMN & RNDM – delivering the goods! And I’m not worried that Trickski could not equal that … thanks!

  36. Still listening to this. It’s the shiz!

  37. I know I’m gon’ sound like a geek when I say it … or a loser, whatever.

    This is the type of set I need to catch my groove again. It’s been a long time since I found my ass (head) shake without intention. Been sitting here contemplating work and keystrokes and … yup, there they go … ass and head. Just realized it, kinda cool. I miss SF Betalounge, miss Brian, miss music in general. But I’m catching up slowly, and BL is helping me find myself again. This set is helping: subtle and nice. Lordy, I may have to move to Hamburg if y’all don’t come back!

    Ok, gon’ shutup now (again, I try to sometimes).

    warm regards, and don’ stop,


  38. This Set is so amazing. deep and harmonic!

    thanks a lot!

  39. YEAH!!
    lest wait for the tracklist to comedown from heaven….

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