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  1. Dis is da shakin’ snake-hips beat I drove mahself nuts ovah ten years ago in Geneva….rastas down by da lake, in le Jardin, wit big sticks o’ sheesh…and dis beat was in all da clubs…long live Cafe Du Paris! Beta Lounge is da roto-rooter of mah mind!!!!

  2. nice set mr. ame – thanx for making the day more enjoyable!

  3. sick man sick. great stuff. can you tell me the track name 1:11 – 1:19 cheers respect.

  4. This is one of the best sets Ive listened to in a long time! Makes our working day move past in a flash – love and respect from – peace out – check out that funky little number right at the start (2:15) I picture Stevie Wonder in a silver sequin space suit floating on a little space cloud yeahhh!

  5. hi paul! its the new common factor on playhouse. thanks for the nice words. kristian from ame

  6. What is the one at 27 minutes? With the ‘Keep On turning’ vocal?

  7. this is wicked! very good:) !

  8. @casual kids in the streets ft. chez damier – keep on turnin ( motorcitysoul rmx ) – stir 15

  9. Very nice set! Have you got a playlist 4 it? Just saw on your website that you’re playing in Medicine bar at the end of month. Will go down to check it out definatelly. Peace,

  10. nice house mix,hello people.

  11. this guy playz his ass off 😉 killer vibes from the south of germany – a must!!!

  12. nice! ame’s kristian just mailed the complete tracklisting. here we go: 1.Scott Grooves ‘ Moog sensation ‘ 2.Cloud 9 ‘ Do you want me Deep Dub ‘ 3.Ame ‘ Basic Track ‘ 4.Dj Romain ‘ Its the Spirit 83 West Vocal Mix ‘ 5.Kidz in the Streets ‘ Keep on turning ‘ 6.Alix Alvarez ‘ H-Dub ‘ 7.I:Cube unreleased Track 8.Downtown Brooklyn ‘ 10th Street dub ‘ 9.Marcus worgull ‘ Dragon Loop ‘ 10.Franck Roger ‘ Dub Life’ 11.Mr V & Louie Vega ‘ Lets get jazzy ritual dub ‘ 12.Roy Ayers ‘ Tarzan Ame Rmx ‘ 13.Common Factor ‘ That was Then’ 14.Theo Parrish ‘ falling up Carl Craig rmx ‘ 15.Laid ‘ Punch up ‘ 16.Dennis Ferrer ‘ Son of Raw ‘ 17. Old Charles webster remix i forgot the name 18.oorutaichi ‘ Misen Gymnastics Idjut Bonus beats ‘ 19.Tiga ‘ You gonna want me Isolee dub ‘ 20.sinnamon ‘ Thanks to you ‘

  13. yes indeed!!!!! I don’t know if it’s well write taht way but’s ok! great to hear that kind of stuff!!!! peace! how complicte is for an undocumente dj to travel europe?? respect! and good vibes for all!!!

  14. nah… just sittin here with my little fluffy kitten slowly thinking about how this music makes me want to pat it more and more firmly… so i turned it off.. phew… the mental beats for brain damaged peeps!

  15. this mix is great! thanks for the playlist!

  16. thanks to all! kristian

  17. Damn!!! Very nice set, n joy it a lott!!! Thx Greetz from Bruges (Belgium)

  18. mmmm… sweet in the middle this mix does be.

  19. Great mix, love Theo parrish faling up Carl Craig remix, Nice one Ame.

  20. hehe, great mix. the playlist consists of about 80% of my current faves 🙂

  21. Hi Âme! What a soulful name 😉 You’re the first Dj I listened to on 16 years Groove Party, and your set followed me in mind all the night… I’m once again really upset by the beauty of YOUR music… cause you play it as it was yours… Great soulful mix!

  22. nice one ratz, nice one…!

  23. thanks plastique, next time give me a shout! from now on we will do every three months an innercityvisions party there. next date 14.1.2006

  24. Yeah Âme, if I’m there I’ll give you a shout , for sure! 😉 All the best, Phil

  25. very very nice…i really enjoyed this mix!!! one of my favourites here on betalounge 🙂

  26. Keep on turnin!

  27. That the second times I listen this mix & it’s fucking excelent, I love it. Thanks.

  28. Flowing like water … Hot like lava … Cool like Ice … Smooth and tight like my …

  29. Amazing set guys. When are you coming to LA???

  30. Thanks for the tracklist. This mix is great!! Loving the mixes, as well as the excellent production!!There is another good one at


  32. I love the track at around 1:35. I can’t remember where i’ve heard it before, but it’s really sweet. I’m an old head (36) and i love this stuff.

  33. Excellent……that last tune! wow……..thanks to you Ame.

  34. Man this is class. The archive is excellent. If you all want to hear some bangin house tracks on a weekly basis why not log onto the excellent Cork (Ireland) dj website of Greg Dowling & Shane Johnson aka Fishgodeep at They have excellent archives and feature guest producers from the world of house music such as marcus worgall Enjoy FLY LOW AND BEAT THE RADAR

  35. Werd!!!!!!! Sweet, every time I listen to it. I log on, click on Ame, and listen while I work! Excellent choice of music!! Please may I have this tracklisting????? Greetings from El Paso, Tx. Rich

  36. Excuisita´! Ki la musica sorround perfekkto i mui brain. Amor! Hopa ciú sun egaen.


  38. Hell Yes!!!

  39. mmmmmoaaahahahahaha !FIESTA! more of this please

  40. Wikkid, really feelin this! Saw Ame in Notts last Thur 28th, amazing.

  41. anybody knows where i can get the tracklist for the show? thanks

  42. âme is resident in the mood lounge in karlsruhe, germany. they also have got a small record shop “plattentasche” there. so if you are in karlsruhe…check it out

  43. what the fuck germany keeps bumpin the best beats!Ame is off the hook can’t stop dancing my ass off

  44. dope set!! The last our is amazing Lots of respect from Hollanddd

  45. bad ass mix my brudda – right up my pump passage & similar to what i play. i don’t suppose there’s any way of downloading this at all????

  46. Amaaaaaaaaaaazing.

  47. Oooooooooh the tune at 20 mins!!!?

  48. ladyofthedeep: scroll down and find tracklist… Dj Romain…It\’s The Spirit… ps

  49. damb!

  50. this ish is nuff hype yo. blappity blap! h o u s e m u s i c a l l n i g h t l o n g ez

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