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Robotspeak Sessions 2.7


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Robotspeak Sessions is a bi-monthly instore performance/clinic held in San Francisco. Episode 2.7 features Night Night, Thumbtack Smoothie and Carson day. Each set is followed up by a Q+A with the artist, however, for listening purposes we’ve trimmed down the fat to give just music. Enjoy.


  1. aaargh.. AAaaarghh!!… AAAARRRGGGHHHHH!!! help me! heellllp meeeeee! the computers are coming! theyre coming to get me… oh no.. oh oh noo.. NOOOOOOOO!!! phew.. the set ended.. it was all just betalounge doing my brain in.. phew..
    creative stuff from the Robots…

  2. I can’t help but the West Coast shows seem to be so much more creative (compared to the Hamburg based ones ) … experimental cool stuff folks, well done

  3. nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. maybe the acids stonger in SA

  5. Well…, I wouldn’t say that this happens all over the west coast, at least not here in Oregon. Good stuff, experimental!It’s good to have the Hamburg and the SF crowd together in this site. Thanks BetaLounge.

  6. Wes coast bessss acid hairy1 EVAH dun!!! Me tinks I heard sumpin’ lots like dis den too….
    Do lap dance cum wit da lap top???

  7. A very cool set!

    (hearing betalounge from the beginning)

  8. does anyone know anything about the pittsburgh track at 00:13:50 from kon & amir?


  9. Electronic trainspotting… to appreciate this you need to have a looong, sloooowww self-pleasuring session over your keyboard while admiring the faithful graphic rendering of the knobs and dials in the virtual synthesizer on your monitor… add extra acid squelches every time you successfully fantasize your way to a knob-twiddling climax. Next…

  10. love the glitch and pops….just sitting back and enjoying the goodness…

    love from Da LBC


  11. again Beta..thankYu for hosting such beautiful beats.

  12. i absolutely love night night

    i wish he would release more stuff

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