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DJ Spinna & Bobbito – Wonderful


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DJ Spinna & Bobbito’s heartfelt tribute to Stevie Wonder graces San Francisco on a hot October night. A revelation of extraordinarily fine music, each and every track written and/or performed by Stevie Wonder.


  1. yup.. the funkiest and most poignant set on betalounge.. yup.. i want to write something about how i lost bowel control or danced in circles or removed my pants in time to the beat.. but i cant.. i was too loved up by stevie.. i want to touch him.. now..

  2. Stevie is one of the greayest songwriters in music history and this mix displays that well. BIG UP to DJ Spinna & Bobbito!!! Bushwick in the House!!!

  3. stevie’s my hero..muthafuckas!!!!!

  4. blessings in de name of de most high,Jah Rasta Far I.ya man,dis is a very irie mix ,ya hear.big ups Spinna,Bobbito,& Beta Lounge,and of course,da man Stevie Wonder!


  5. What I could hear sounded great… unfortunately that wasn’t much… what’s wrong with the sound today?

  6. Listening to this at work and had to stop myself singing along in the gaps!! Such quality, such range – Stevie’s a true genius and a big up to Spinna and bobbito for sharing this with us.

  7. Respect to Stevie !!!
    the blind man that could see passed the physical self !
    I grew up on his sound all the way down in NZ and rekon it worthy of an international tour… How bout it ???

  8. god damn i’m really confused. on the one hand it’s nice to catch some of these projects i had no idea stevie was involved with, on the other it’s rare to hear such a bunch of great music with such poor mix production. what are they doing with the levels???? why do they insist on chopping the music up? leave it the F alone!!!!!!

  9. I was at this show, and it was bananas. When you hear the volume going in and out, the DJ was trying to get the crowd to sing along. And they always did.

  10. Great set! I’m dancing bare feet on my office desk!!

  11. To anyone, and everyone, who was at Mighty to hear this set drop. .. Shit was bananas!!

  12. makes my day every time

  13. Beautiful selection, just a shame they’re knocking down the volume levels so the crowd can sing along. Surely an injustice to the great man, but maybe we should of been there on the night.

  14. thumbs up 🙂

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