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Henry & Harre


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  1. Love it. Ultra chill, relaxing, and I can get some work done while listening at my desk. Please post play list, I’d like to buy som of this stuff but it can be tricky to find.

    Only 5 more days of Bush, I hope to see him go next week. I hate him as do many other Americans. Please bear with us while we straighten things out in the U.S.

  2. sorry but san francisco does not speak for the whole country. many more americans like bush, and he will be re-elected.

  3. We’ll find out about that soon enough… The scariest soap ever. Urs, Berlin

  4. Très joli mix.

  5. we definitely need a playlist…i know this will be hard work-but pleaze…


  7. excellent set. tune selection is really great. any chance at a playlist?
    another beta bit o fantastic quality.
    p.s please vote democrat americans. the world needs it.

  8. who gives a fuck about politics? the US is so apathetic anyway.. what with non compulsry voting.. just dig the beats and take your pleasure from heaps of anal sex is what i say..

  9. Well these beats will definitely be coursing through my mind as I rock the beats while sitting gingerly on my ass still sensitive from last nights action… But my thoughts are definitely with Ralph Nader as he fights the good fight for the true believers everywhere.

  10. I need to know the names of the tracks of the last 2 hours of this mix. Fucking what ever happened to this minimal tech shit anyway?hahaha, up in BC smoking the trees, hoping ya’ll do the right thing and get that foolish ass county cowboy out of the whitehouse!

  11. hmm people from outside the US, people that hate America, want us to elect Kerry. yeah that’s a solid reason to vote for the pussy.

    next time there is a terrorist attack in the US, we’re going to read aloud the names of all the people that voted against Bush.

  12. Ah, This mix is excellent !
    Anyone got a tracklist allready?


  13. Wow, the world is truly shrinking. Somehow politics excapes me when I listen to these tracks. Everybody wants a perfect world. If only we could. The only thing that comes close to perfect is music and that is only in the ear of the beholder. Relax, destiny will come whether we like it or not.

  14. bush is creating more terrorists than he will ever kill
    you’re simply digging your hole deeper redluv
    time to enjoy the show – the beta lounge one i mean ..
    have a nice saturday!!

  15. I’m with you yann, in my opinion the war against terrorism is a bad idea, it would be the best for USA to stop all war similar activities in the islamic world. The 11.September is a product of such activities. Years ago CIA supplied Osama with weapons against the russians..and so on and on

    To the music: This set is great

  16. digging the set, man that track at one min eleven seconds is sooo sick>>>nice words krinokin< i strongly agree! love from los angeles>>>david cobb and green party supporter

  17. hell yeah, a very engaging minimal tech mix. this one avoids the pitfalls of other minimal tech sets by actually being interesting.
    briscoe, USA
    PS Redluv is da man!

  18. I am Arab Moslim born on 911 (really!) I escape to this website becuase I thought we were mature than this ! no more comments on the politics in this site keep that for cnn or something else, I amsure betalounge will apperciate that thanx and keep moving to the rythem

  19. hellatite henry/harre-as an avid fan of this site for 3+ years, I would say welcome to the club of kickass dj’s: Nortec, SST, Zoran Zupanic. Now if I could only speak German and read that 808 website……Swing by Austin, TX sometime-

  20. i love music and politix.. it arouses me like beautiful ethnic women do… so yay to the US EMPIRE and lets hope that the death star is fully operational before we have to visit hoth and dj henry and harre are there spinnin tunes for kerry and bush in that psychedelic lounge bar thing where the animals with the snouts play weird keyboards and shit..

  21. Man, I just gotta find out the name of the tune at approx 3.00hrs.
    Does anyone know?

    Wicked mix!

  22. Peace to everyone on this discussion board.

    I DJ and I assume alot of cats that visit this site do also. I love reading playlists as much as the rest of you because Beta Lounge DJs are on point.

    However, I feel it is a bit much to ask any DJ to freely give away all of their secret weapons. It’s straight to ask about a track or two that you really like, but I think some of tha joints these DJs spin are exclusive and thats what gives them their style and that is part of the reason they’re better than us. They already know what to buy.

    I understand wanting to know what to buy. But alot of times that hot ish they got isn’t gonna be overstocked at Best Buy or your local mom n pop vinyl store.

    My suggestion. Start runnin with some dirty cats thats diggin for beats rather than asking for handouts. Or run up on the cats runnin the Beta Lounge and make friends, maybe then people will be asking you for setlists.

    Hey, everybody’s gotta start somewhere. Good luck to all DJs around the world!

  23. Wow! This mix is the shiznit! All of your comments made me smile…..gave me some food for thought. Namaste

  24. Hatred was dubya’s strategy against Kerry this time. He made his supports hate homosexuality and abortion. and now you say you will do everything to re-unite this country? and you will work VERY HARD to earn our trust? Please. you weren’t even supposed be there in the first place. I thought he played dirty enough the first time.

    I am so sick of his religious talk. God made me do this and that. He never showed us a single sign of what genuine Christian would do. I fucking hate when people use religion to back themselves up.

    Plus, Jesus never did politics.

  25. By the way, I truly enjoyed the set. Sorry to leave a random political entry.

  26. i was just reading down the comments ,wheere and why did al lthat political stuff come from. this is one of the best ambient, creamy, liquidy sets i have ever heard, love it when i’m on this site nearly every other eveing from 11pm, can never catch beta lounge live so i laways listen to it recorded, but stop al lthe politics stuff, this is music site not the white house

    i’m always plugging beta loung cos it so dam good and original

    one day i would lok to come to germany and mix for Beta loung rock the place with soeme drum and bass. i’m promote local music at the moment with a magazine, site and organising photoshoots, love it love music, love this site

    My mate coco went to germany recently to place a set in front of a few thousand revelelers, dont know it was exactly, but he own a D&B label over here, Dope ammo and done tune which is inspired by the film kill bill, dont knwo if any of you have head of it

    If you want order one of my mags, i know that this is selling something , i hope nobody minds, spread the word. my mag is cool music revolution, unless beta lounge want tp plug ito their site.

    Banbury, Oxfordshire, England

    If you wanna leave a message cos i know this aint a forum, disxgus beta loung on there if you like as well

  27. Paul, u need to be able to learn how to spell b 4 u start to produce any mag…it ai’nt goin’ no-where if uze wont spel lik thiz

  28. Sorry to be negative paul, on the positive side, I applaud any creative effort, get back-to-skool bud, keep it up and you’ll get where you’re going… eventually!! Betalounge, u rok as usual….respect to uze all.

  29. House has always been political. Back in the days when it was underground, it was counter culture and anti establishment. Ok now it has been swallowed into the mainstream and has many branches. But this site still has that underground alternative flavour about it. As far as I know it is indepent also. This music is about a state of mind and a way of life. The deep bass line and the funky beat are its manifesto, hedonism the policy. Music is a powerful political force. So we should be free to express what we like, spell it how we like!

  30. On a quasi-political note, it seems that 2 things in life are guaranteed – death & taxes. I’d like to think there are 3 things – death, taxes & fat beats from Beta Lounge. Definitely a great mix & thank you Beta Lounge!!!

  31. get back to skool, lol, i like it, lol. besides the spelling, which sometimes soget a little messed upwhen i’m thinking the words, but my fingers cant type fast enough it enoying at time.(is that better)

    anyway, i’m improving things, i’m putting everything on my forum now to tidy thing up a little, everything over the past few weeks, gigs ive reviews+pics, new, flyers, eventually it wil be all up
    If you want to put something up be my guest
    soo no mistakes, wahooooooo

  32. put the playlist please!!!!!!!
    i love your net radio ……..

  33. Does anybody have some suggestions of Mix Cd’s that are the same style as this mix. Enjoying this…..

  34. Steady…steady…a bit left…not too fast…yes, right there! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…….

  35. Great mix. It was the detail I needed to find inspiration for my work to be finished! Thanx Beta Lounge. Love your site … See ya!

  36. very fine …
    rock on !
    minimal sounds better …

  37. Nice set. Lay off the KOMPAKT and Ghostly International though please. Shizzle is played out.

  38. Hi there!

    Nice set you guys put together there! Keep it up!

    >>redluv :: Oct 29, 2004 :: 10:10 AM:

    Why not just enjoy the music here in beta Lounge and keep out the politics?

    You guys ‘won’ so f….. what?

  39. does anybody know the track at 2:10:00 ?
    it’s really great…

    nice set!

  40. playlist DEFINITLY wanted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Great great set
    Any idea regarding track beginning at about 1h25mn ?

  42. Wood by a great thing to get hands on the playlist. Great.

  43. A beautiful set…really.
    Thanks 4 the music!
    Claudio / Ud.No!

  44. what is the name of the track in the start whit the singer that sounds like the leadsinger from Radiohead??????????????

  45. Amazing fine Music !

  46. This sound is so creamy and wonderfull… thank you henry&harry for these emotions

    Respect to BetaLounge for these excellent taste…
    also check wighnomy brothers.

    Love to the world

  47. dont worry, harris

    the set isnt that great!

    keep the list to yourself

    -Jeb in ’08

  48. …… far the BEST betalounge set ever……..what more can one say…………
    …..left me absolutely speechless………..

    deutschland uber alles—–—–


  49. I totaly agree with mr spalalaps because a good dj is the one that makes you feel absolutely fantastic and makes you dance all the time of course big respect to CLICK residents and what a fantastic city about Hamburg!!!!!

    Die fantastishe electronishe musik kommst aus Nord!!!!!!

  50. I agree,

    This is one of the best sets i ever heard on Betalounge, and Betalounge has already such a high standard of sets.
    Damn, there where only 2 songs that i recognised in 5.34H!!!
    When i heard the set the first time, i whas completly be upset, i had tears in my eyes of happiness.
    YES, a set with magnificent music and very good mixed, that’s all i wanted!
    There’s i a good chance i make a citytrip from Bruges (Belgium) to Hamburg this year and visit CLICK.

    THANK YOU Henry & Harre and THANK YOU Betalounge!!!

  51. SIMPLY AMAZING………………………………no other words to describe this set………….Katya from Malta

  52. Agree with all the positive comments here. This is a really high quality set, possibly the best on betalounge. Give us more Henry & Harre.

  53. we want more!

  54. I’ve listened to this set so many times now, especially the beginning. I play it at work and they love it.

  55. track that sounds like singer from radiohead is We by Home Video on Warp records

  56. did anyone wver get a tracklist for this set? one of the most phenomenal sets i have ever heard… =)

  57. This mix is mad gooood. Peace & appreciation!

  58. avorit. mensch.. nach ca. anderthalb stunden kam ein ding, das ich mir auf meinem ersten wire-tape eingefangen habe – 89.1 war die zeit..

  59. Just can’t stop coming back to this mix… so good… the best on betalounge

  60. howly shiatz!! Wicked set

  61. Thank you beta lounge for the music like this! Thank you guys – dj\’s! This set is stunning.

  62. over five years later (now a retired clubber with a lot less hair and bad knees)… still a cracking, cracking set – never fails to deliver. Mellow, deep, dubby, trippy, uplifting all in one set wow!

  63. i agree jonnyboy10. classic set. long live betalounge……………….

  64. Excellent set, long live – Henry & Harre

  65. Excellent music

  66. this rocks

  67. I sometimes wake in a cold sweat worrying that this set will have gone forever…

  68. and bless be to JAH that this set is still with us my brother!

  69. Hello, does anyone know the name of the track starting around 2 hours and a minute into the set? Thanks kindly.

  70. It’s back, I thought this was lost forever…

  71. It´s interesting to read the comments and see what happened – 12 years before… And today?… Nothing changed
    The music sounds still magnificent, you can hear very well at this set. So fresh like it will be spinned this afternoon.

    But all around the Betalounge is surely a leading waypoint of exploration in high quality electronic, soul, funk, hiphop music.

    And the dramatics of election repeats again, too.

    see you at 2028 😉

  72. One thing that’s bugged me forever, the first two tracks on this mix… well now I know. Both by Markus Guentner, first one is Gattaca, second one is Express Yourself by same artist.

  73. No comments for 3 years, can’t help myself. Still the best mix on here… freaks me out that its 14 years ago I made my first comment on here… viva betalounge.

  74. I miss you betalounge

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