This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

DJ Rabauke & Boris Dlugosch


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  1. fresh. nice selections with back popping electro funk, electro pop, vintage hip hop, b-sides, re-mixes, clever samples etc. we likes.

    – rc crew

  2. What more can I say – this s**t is ill … wessssiiideeee!

  3. dös is amoi wieda eppas gschmeidigs füa de buam aufda schdrassn. ehre und shm’de to the lord

  4. sehr genialer mix

  5. yes bitch keep me funkdafied

  6. way way cool set.. a perfect double d of music… let me at it.. again and again…

  7. Defenetly one one of the best sets on BL! Peace…

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