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Lawrence [live]


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  1. probably one of the most beautiful live sets in the entire archive.

  2. Lawrence rules! This live set kicks ass! Wish I could find more music like this…

  3. I am a fan of harder styles, minimal banging stuff. I accidently stumbled upon Lawrence’s sets and I am in awe. Best most beautifull sets on the site (no disrespect to all the other great sets here).
    If you ever read this Lawrence: Thx for broadening my horizon and giving me that wonderfull feeling you only get from a truly emotional musical experience..

  4. yes agreed.this set is the shit and i think ahead of its time.the archived Lawrence/Carsten Jost set is still very rocking too. trying to i.d. the track after Luciano’s ‘stone age’ and another before Villalobos’ ‘Waiworinao’.

  5. This show saved my day!

  6. I got the account here cause i was pointed to the 1996 derrick may mix. Well no matter how good it is, it was totally ruined by someone with unbelievable 15 kbit Real Quality. I looked a few more sets and it seems the bitrate increases a bit, this is in 128 kbit. Now imagine this set in 15 kbit, would you say it is still good? In your dreams. (You couldn’t really hear all the sounds which make this sort of set good)

  7. Yes yes yes LAWRENCE rules ! Definitely !

    J-Fi (Charleroi, criminal city, Belgium)

  8. One of the few mixes i could find of this artist , a very good mix and splendid choice of tracks . Anyone knows other mixes or his contact ?

    Brian James

  9. yep, this mix is most definatly on the level. This one and carsten jost mix i think are two of the best on here. Really great track selection, great feeling as well. This is what good music is all about.

  10. Yes I mostly enjoyed the set. Got my head nodding from time to time even though I was doing boring assessment work. CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHO DID THE TRACK AT AROUND 2:30. tHE FIRST CHILLED ONE WITH THE LONG INTRO. lOVED IT.

  11. nice work junge!

    what is the last track in the set, before the outroduction?


  12. dope dope set. top notch from this man, always. dial recs…sick.

    the track at 20:00 is fucking insane.


  13. Top set!!! I collect this sort of stuff, but i’ve never heard of Lawrence before now. The mix is a timeless journey of deep soundscapes, beats etc, which creates the same energry and vibe each time you listen to it. For anyone who digs this set; I recommend Marc schneider mix’s, or if you looking for these types of tracks to buy, then Theo Parrish from Detroit is worth checking.


  14. i must have missed this one in 2004. Just listening to it now for the first time and it’s over a year old but still sounds good.

    Big up BetaLonge ………more of the same please!!!!

  15. The others just about said it all i guess.. Absolutely fantastic stuff!

    Greetings from Stockholm, Sweden

  16. any where i can find a tracklisting for this amazing mix??

  17. Almost 6 years old and for sure 1 of the best set. Very pure, nothing more to say!!!!

  18. I fell in love with this set in 2003 while I lived in Hamburg. I got wasted to this, jogged around the Alster to this, I simply fell in love with it. It’s timeless. I wish there was more music like this: kind and challenging at the same time.

  19. After 16 years of existence, this liveset is still very precious for me. It is Lawrence in his most timeless, creative, haunting, elegant, poetic form. All tracks inside except “If You Can’t Understand” and “Spark” are unreleased. Recorded here on betalounge, only once, and, except for a pack of fans who fell in love with it, these gems are now almost lost and forgotten. It’s frustrating, but, at the same time, it gives a romantic dimension to their beauty. Rare, fragile, meticulous creations, as ephemeral as a bunch of flowers from february 2004, but whose delicate scent is now printed in my DNA forever.

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