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Baby Bass


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  1. Awesome funky soul with chill grooves. Great for background to party with your finest hipsters.

  2. SWEET R&B- so not the boring sappy/syruppy stuff. Nice underplayed trax.

  3. I love this set, and love this name…
    Who sings the song at 35┬┤??

  4. great track, listen to this at work.. makes a difference.

  5. awesone, awesome awesome set! love the alicia keys remix.

  6. oh is a great dj set…nice sounds for a little dance….a lot of kisses to this dj lady

  7. I thought I couldn’t stand today’s R&B. This is some good sheeee-it. I guess that when it ain’t broken up by commercials every 5 minutes with the same songs on heavy rotation it ain’t all that bad.

    How about a track list?

  8. 1:39 OMG

    Baby Bass that’s some stuff. Come over to Oakland sometime.

  9. mm baby.. i just want you so bad.. dig my bedroom baby.. lets get down..

  10. Sorry Baby Bass, you have no idea of mixing, I mean synchronizing of one track with another… essential skill of any DJ/Djane though!

  11. Phat phat music.

  12. adogo!

  13. Hi,

    Very smooth set Baby Bass, but as a DJ you really need to learn how to mix.


  14. Thank you for all your (more or less) kind comments.
    For sure, I really have to improve my mixing skills, but at this time the focus really rested on the music selection. (I just didn’t want to withhold all these great musicians, tracks, etc.)
    Anyway…I did an still do a lot of practise.
    Hope to prove it on my next beta lounge set.

    Babybass aka Frau Bass aka Julia Bass

    PS: For all you wisenheimer: no need to mention I also have to improve my english skills…I know that. Thank you:-)

  15. Well the way things are, nowadays many dj’s play the same songs all the time although they can mix well. So any dj who comes in with an original, relatively unheard selection, is fresh.
    Some originality in the set, so that was refreshing. But for me too much american hip hop or whatever, find some obscure artists like Mala Rodriguez and more obscure….. then you’re the freshest. To me anyway.

  16. The song 2’35 for example is a love song, but it is so cheesy and false…. there is no real feeling. It’s too commercial. Even the next one, although it’s sung with a little feeling the lyrics are all wrong.

  17. peace babybass, your mix is great. Because you made an effort in the selection. So best of luck, peace ­čÖé

  18. whats the first trak on the mix ? somthin special

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