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DJ Tobias Schmid


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  1. sublime…does he ever work london?

  2. This mix is great. the first part is fantastic dark minimal lowlight leftfield, and then near the half way mark TS jumps in with the minimal booty house and grimy tech afterburners. It’s as if the first part sets the tone for a dance partner hunt in a club and then as you meet that fine individual and ask them to dance, SLAM!!! time to getchyo bump.n.grind on. I can’t wait to listen to this on my MD player when I’m boomin down a rural American highway in the dead of night. Thanks Tobias for your great mix and thanks betalounge for consistently enlisting the most crescent fresh djs, producers and musicians bangin it out on the fringe for your internet radio.

  3. the sickness.

  4. Based in Hamburg? His real name is Toby Smith – He’s from the UK. Excellent set.

  5. i keep coming back to this one….that track at 1.22 haunts me ‘i need some sleep’ etc…anyone help?

  6. Unique mix. Very nice!!

  7. ha, i like it a lot šŸ™‚

    good work!!!

  8. Hi
    Does anybody know what is the first track on the mix?I love it


  9. May be this is from the Mille Plateaux – Zaubergerg Album! I love it toooooooo!!!

  10. First track is from Gas – Zauberberg album, track 2

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