This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Carsten Dessault


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  1. DjRIch all the way from El Paso, Tx.

    Very nice mixes on this set, Nicely programmed and definitely somthing I can grove to.

    Much respect to this Dj’s skill and props!!

    El Paso, Tx

  2. I agree very nice downtempo-ish/ambient/minimalist session

  3. I Liked it.So there I said it…..Now Carsten you better pay me or else!

  4. help!!!… i need to know more about the track around 1:46…

  5. was ist hier los? der Stream ist ja seit november 2003 defekt komplett
    eine bitte an die beta crew bitte wieder herstellen
    nicht einschlafen

  6. does anyone know track at 37:00?

  7. now, this is exactly what i needed from the lounge. makin it hurt, brah.

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