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Luciano [video]


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  1. very attractiv! his music is smooth and hard at the same time. it’s an erotic feeling with him. i can’t get bored with his sounds! the video is nice but not great, a bit boring…
    keep mixing luciano and find a way to come to toronto! beijos

  2. Luciano es un valuarte de la electronica minimla tech,, llegado desde las tierras del sol ardiente de Chile…… junto a su compatriota RICARDO VILLALOBOS es lo mejor de la escena elelctronica mundial, actualmente luciano tiene un disco llamado blind behaviour, envidiable, y Ricardo villalobos esta trabajnod con Plastikman en FABRIC…….. COME ON BETALOUNGE CREW, BRING THE MIX OF RICARDO VILLALOBOS….GUEST HIM…PLEASE!!!

  3. Sehr SEXUAL … Sehr Light …
    just love it !!

  4. This beats the hell out of villalobos any day of the week. I love how he has mixed really deep minimal house with his signature latin samba klick. virtually all the cool latin style tunes are on his newest release on peacefrog under the monicker Lucien-N-Luciano. To me the Chilean minimal sound is the newest hotness in experimental minimalist techno. Betalounge bring him back for more! I can’t wait to hear his next set.

  5. Luciano…
    uno de los viajes mas placenteros de mis oidos 🙂


  6. This guy is great!! Definitely listen to this…repeatedly!

  7. 41 minutss in , he drops one of my favorite deep house cuts of all time!

    Very nice overall mix.

  8. Does anyone know what the track is starts at about 7:50?

  9. … and the first (acidic) track, anyone ? 🙂

  10. wicked mix, as was to be expected a class selection from a broad range of minimal styles… if anyone can help though? the track brought in round the 20/21 minute mark, with theeee groovy as fuck bassline and sleezy female vocal? i must find out what this track is, it has me coming back again & again to listen! any ideas anyone?????

    highly recommended mix.

  11. aek: its Brooks – clix album-[you me and us] {produced by Dani Siciliano!!!!}

    disco lion 🙂

  12. thanks morka! i will be hunting that down right now!

  13. Fucking astounding set – depth + quality – just the right formula… :-b

  14. nice lush soundz, some a bit too minimal or just plain boring,,,,,, Theres BASIC CHANNEL tune in here no? mmmmmm

  15. Great set Mr Luciano!l Looking forward to see u playing at Fabric next month!….by the way! does anyone knows the track that he plays upon 1h 16min?…Respect!

  16. good shite…the track at 1:30? anybody know?

  17. someone asked about the track coming in at 7min. 50sec.

    the other people place – eye contact

  18. the track on 1:50 is from an ghostly international ep and the artist is lousine

  19. @zizao: i could be off, but the track at 1:15 ~ 1:16 sounds a little like lusine. i don’t know the name of the track though…

  20. yes you got right its tha lousine ep on spektral
    and sorry ive got the wrong time mark on my last post
    its not 1:50 its 1:15 and so its the lousine thing…

  21. haunted voice: @ 59:20 min…grabs me somewhere between throat and belly…a vibration stringing me up like i was an empty coat on a hanger…my shoulders waterfall to the floor. yes, i get on down. so smooth and slow, coming in like evening sky: will beg for information…a clue perhaps, for those of us savvy and hungry for things we don’t yet know: how do you call this mellifluous voice?


  22. I would love to see a track listing. Can’t believe this great set has been up for so long without one.

  23. Kim if you are here, you are in my head. Enjoy the view. the wake of our memory is coming back as sure as these sexy vibrations of this amazing mix.


  24. ok…i have a few eps of the set and the ep he was playing at 80min its of his own (wortkabular rmx)just came out…on 2005 sept (strange eh!)but i want to now 2 eps..if you know reading this and you know please ride it on this site!!its at 3 min the second ep!!and not for last the ep on the 29 min…that is an amazing record….im going to ask himself next week i think,in the robert johnson 16 jahre groove!!by the way the song in min 13 is by wighnommy brothers an ep with no name!!greetings from holland!!


  26. haunted voice: @ 59:20 min…grabs

    this track is from the Lucien n Luciano Lp on Peacefrog records that voice is the berlin based singer Cassy who has also a very good single on Perlon.

  27. dricse your my friend till the end!!!i have found it its a remix from disx3..many many thanks!!!for you i have that second track its from lusine the ep calls push and the track is called slapback!!!i think i have all the tracks that i would really like to have of that set it costs me a year but evrytime i had one i was feeling like a little baby!!!hhahaha….see you

  28. Thank you pbootsman
    As you have finished with this mix you can check on betalounge the 2 mixes of Kenneth Christiansen from Echocord
    I’me sure you will love it
    See you…

  29. This an amazing set. I heard Luciano play in Fuse in Brussels last Autumn and he played a horrible blasting techno set. I have been suspecting for a long time that Fuse has a ‘hard techno policy’ and my respect for Luciano has been restored after hearing this set. Luciano, just in case you actually read these comments, next time do not let us down and tell the Fuse policy-makers to get stuffed! We like it minimal!

    will definitely be listening to this again and again

  30. Alright, bringing this old video up for a replay. Sounding and looking real nice right from the start. Luciano \’03 Letz Go!!!

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