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DJ Gucci


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  1. play list please

  2. Dj Gucci simply BetaBestMix

  3. who is she?

  4. nice beats, very fine

  5. Anybody who knows the name and artist of the last track played in this track??

  6. gemini

  7. DR TipSY Here the Mighty Beat GOOROO Himself
    This is a very Good Mellow and Fucky ass Mixing and record lots SO many TUNES,,////////
    those Bastards did it again,

    SO jus tsit back Put your liers UP.liek BOB marly.
    JAH,,JAH Bless It.
    Peace Yall.

  8. back again for the 100th time to listen to my GuCCI

    new website
    lite it up..

  9. What trakc name is at 9:00 min?

  10. brillant stuff – neverending beats – still fresh

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