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Pal Joey, Travis


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  1. One of my favorite sets in recent memory – very colorful! Great mix front to back.

  2. This is the REAL STUFF!! Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. pal joey in tha house sucker mcs (and djs) duck down. BDP baby.

  4. Can anyone give me the track name at 32.00 after ESG tune. Much appreciated.

  5. damn, classic 90’s house!!!!the real deal..nice fockin mix pal joey. EARTH PEOPLE DANCE is a work of art!

  6. kwaaaaaaaality stuff by pal joe… mix just gets better + better…

  7. WOrd YES ,,GOOD ASS MIX Old SKOOL 1989 Vibes
    DR Tipsy
    Check the GHOSTFACE DOLL.

  8. this music gets better every day, its got soul!

  9. playlist needed for this… HELP

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