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Urbs & Cutex


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  1. This is one of the few shows that I can listen to from start to finish. Off da chains.. I can do without the Johnny Cash Intro tho….

  2. I agree. Very cool set from beginning to end. Happen to like the Johnny Cash tribute though.

  3. how much i wouldn’t give for a playlist …

  4. smooothy!!!

  5. This is some good sticky stuff. Acid Jazz and Hip Hop rolled into a nice burning fatty….

  6. This gits it!!! The Hairy1-award for 2003, way back in th’alley, feets gone spaz-o dancin’ to the groove, that is all over me like a cheeep suit. Betalounge is beta and beta, hell yeah, tokin’!

  7. this bin ein amazing show.. really… phat (mispelt intentionall) beats make me go nana.. i like this experience today.. i listened to this three times in a row.. i just got dirty and touched myself and then hid under my blankets and then jumped up and down on the spot nodding.. its amazing how awesome funky sets do that to me..

  8. palabra Holmes…….palabra!!

  9. oh damn this is fresh. whats the first cut? lush!

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