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Spacek Soundsystem [video]


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  1. I hadn’t heard much about these guys until I switched on this set. It was a dark rainy day where I was, and the music totally suited the mood. Slower than most Betalounge sets, I thoroughly enjoyed the occasional reggae trip, and the sexy jazz and soul sounds. In my opinion, slide past the RnB in the first ten minutes or so, and head straight for the stylish stuff. From 15 minutes is where I start 🙂

    Please listen, it’s great!

  2. sorry, so sick of the reggae. I mean, just plain sick of it. bu thats just me, and prolly a few billion other people. and I like reggae, im jus sick of it and particularly in this context

  3. hi maybe anyone knows what is the name of the second track where the lady sings something about l.a. night I tried to search for it but couldn’t find anything called like that. please help guys will appreciate that much

  4. LA Night is probably Asuko Agawa

  5. I keep listening to this set and never get tired of it. I would like to hear these guys play out.
    Does anyone know the name of the first track–I think it has a bush babees sample.

  6. ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************LOVE********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

  7. Anyone know where you can get hold of that acoustic version of D’Angelo’s Africa that comes in around 19 minutes? I could listen to that all night. Also, anywhere you can get the sheet music for the piano? 🙂

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