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Alexi Delano


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  1. Hi there! Can anybody help me find out the name of the tracks starting at about 2:01:00 & 2:12:30 & 2:36:00 on this mix? Would be very thankful for some tips!


    Lothar (Germany)

  2. Hye I can’t help you with the name of the track, but I am glad someone else is enjoying Alexi’s music. i really enjoy this set, it has a nice mellow, techy feel. out from canada

  3. This is yet again one of the deepest mixes available by Alexi Delano. I do appreciate much much more his activity behind the turntables, cause his music tends to have a bitter experimental taste for the unconscious mind.

    Mark Tokyo, Estonia

  4. three hours of nothing but quality

    you can’t buy sets like this

    thanks alexi… and thanks again betalounge

  5. Definitively the best file in betalounge archive. It is fine and groovy at the same time.

  6. This is another bad ass set on the beta lounge. This is great for those late night parties back at your house and you hardley know anyone except for the women you met that night. Enjoy! todd from the USA

  7. This is my second time back on this A. Delano mix and boy its the bomb, some outthere house tracks and if anybody knows the 2 tunes that appear after each other from about 50 mins, super space disco business, would love to know what they are…..hope Alexi comes back soon!

  8. HI! This are smooth sounds are taken from heaven! This shit make me go funky, great mxxxxxxxx! Peace!

  9. Alexi is da man. The deepest brother from Sweden. You go boy. jävla svart skalle hahahaha.

  10. nice moves AD! anyone know the name of the track at around 48:00 thats what Im feeling!!

  11. so necessary

  12. alexi………please please please more ADNY stuff. a quailty mix mate

  13. very smooth music….definately one of the best sets in this archive. I’ve been listening to Delano for over 8 years, and I have to say he knows how put the sounds together. Great stuff Alexi!

  14. wow wow WOW!! i have no words to say how good is this set. Goes straight to your soul, it makes you feel the purest organic sound, good deep minimal shit alexi my man.

  15. definetly one of the best sets that i remember have listened to! deepsoulfulfuturistictechousemusic!
    its makes my mind free

  16. Track at 2:36 is Lacquer – Behind…

  17. ahh yeah.. kinda goood… kinda hot in my crotch… but hmmm… yeah.. not woody inducing… yet..

  18. This set is so beautiful! Thanks again Alexi and Betalounge offcourse. Still looking for the name of the track between 2.25-2.30. Anyone?

  19. sssssuper minimaltechhousedeepmusic…..good good set……deep deep deep deep….

  20. Yeap savage mix true n true….Alexi on the ball for years now and this just another fine example of his timeless sets…MORE PLEASE! ( – :

  21. Timeless Deep House Music, a gem from the Betalounge

  22. Hello !
    I\’ve been looking for that track ID fading in at 04:00. Couldn\’t hear naything that sick for ages.
    Could anyone tell me ? I would be very grateful

    Thanks !

  23. absolutely gorgeous. i am in love with all three and a half hours of this.

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