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Jay Scarlett


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[spacek K7 records]


  1. the art of being a dj at its best!

    eclectic, ground breaking, waaaaaaaay ahead of our times!

  2. hey B! ( ever since u told me about this, i just can’t get enough of it)

    very very dope,… šŸ™‚ i love that track ‘Amazing’!

  3. jay to the mutha funkinkin scarlett bustin nuts on freqencies……….. wookie monster

  4. holy jesus cristo cabeza de dopeness

  5. el paso texas seems two love it double time mmmmm good. may i have a nother

  6. A delicious blend of different genres. Great blance and selection.
    Does an excelent job of disguising one’s style. Where are you from? London , Germany, San Fran,
    New York, PHILLY, where? I have great respect for the chameleon in this industry. Much RESPECT!

  7. Hi this is jay here saying thx to all that have posted positive feed back on this site which gave me the opportunity to display the mix at the time which was obviously relevant for its time also if you wanna catch up with events that i am doing i am now based in munich doing radio and clubs you can catch me on every second thursday of the months apart from when i am djing of course.

    one love to you all


  8. am i walking? am i running? am i touching myself in time to the beat?
    this is an eclectic assortment of wild and crazy things and i felt like walking and running and touching and then touching some more.. cool.. yeah.. cool… love you jay…

  9. Does anybody know the track starting around 24 min?? Hmm delicious, I love it. Respect

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