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Florian Keller [into somethin’]


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  1. flo keller is the man. no question

  2. yes !! the epitome of good taste !

  3. Some funk here for future reference.

  4. man i just love funk that makes me want to sit in a tree and praise mighty allah for makeing 16 bar blues break dance in my skull cap.. i cant wait for rammadam, funk takes me to mecca…

  5. Who’d have thought a German would have so much funk in him?? I hardly knew what to do with the Lederhosen and thigh-slapping routine I had prepped for this set from Bavaria… Instead I found myself reaching for my sequined Hammer-pants and Bootsy shades, aching to bust on the dancefloor, but for the stiffy that kept me to my seat, unable to overcome the sexual power of the funk, y’all… Peace, love and mungbeans, baby.

  6. Just the right amount of funk I need for a Monday afternoon. Peep this shit.

  7. This shit is dope, I can´t believe I´m only listening to this now! I´ve already used 3 fire extinguishers at my celling! This cat Floryan Keller is a real Byrd of Prey when it comes to Diggin´! Daaammm right! Peace Y´All!

  8. Anyone got any idea where the tracklisting for this blinding set can be found?

  9. Hi, great great set. hammer mucke ! does anoyone know the first track ?

  10. first track…? tropicola by nino nardini

  11. yummy yummy!!!! i love funky food

  12. butter me up, spread on some jam and eat me!…this session kills it!!!

    listen and pull out the toaster!!

  13. help! the world’s best set of funky grooves does not work anymore! please get it fixed! please please please! i love it so much!!!!

  14. groovy! love, love, love!

  15. das is damn good!

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