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Rainer Trüby [compost records]


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  1. test test test

  2. hi,
    does anybody know what song starts from about 1h 40 min of this mix?

  3. the track’s called ‘no other love but you’ by clarice labbe w/ charlie hampton released back in 1980. original vinyl is hard to get but it had been featured russ dewbury’s jazz bizniz compilation on counterpoint records in ’99.

  4. Wow, that’s pretty impressive, heikohamburg.

    I have one that I would love to know about: the track at 1:52. I could listen to her voice all day long.


  5. Haven’t been here for a while…
    thank you, heikohamburg, for your reply. this song makes me happy 🙂

  6. This is one of my favorite sets, I’ve listened to it dozens of times… And have spent lots of time looking for the tracks on it. You can find quite a few on the Compost label…

  7. I know this is an old set so it’s a long shot, but can anyone help with the track at 26 minutes?? Straighter house beats but that bassline is bananas! And then the horns come in! Help much appreciated.

  8. who is the song by at roughly two hours into the set? any help would be much appreciated!!

  9. Great set! Can anyone ID the track that starts at about 1:04?

  10. Oh men, this set is pure groove and feeling. Love it!
    God save Beta Lounge!

  11. dang,
    that derz some heat!

    anyone know the artist/title of the cut that starts at about 2:46?



  13. @brutus: The song at 1:52 is Evinha – Que Bandeira (Odeon) hard to get on vinyl…

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